How to Promote Your Blog (Tried-and-True Ways)

How do you promote your blog? Do you share it on social media and looking to get thousands of blog visitors?

I’ve been blogging since 2018 and, I worked to keep sharing my posts on every social media platform. Sadly, that’s not going to work like that.

When you finish writing an amazing unique blog post and finally hit the publish button, you maybe think your work is done. But that’s only half of your work. When you published, you definitely need to promote it to make a value for it.

Here are five tactics that I followed to promote my blog and how I grow my blog traffic!

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1. Create Unique Blog Content

I know this takes time and hard work. But, before you start promoting your blog, you need to make sure that you always creating high-quality blog content.

The main point is you should provide something of value to your audience that comes to see you as trustworthy content. Simply, If you’re creating content that can help your audience by solving their problems, or providing how-to guides or something, your blog is really going to be valuable.

While creating content from your side and you can invite guest writers to create content on your blog, too. You can focus on your blogging niche and publish content following new trends and recent updates that can make your blog more interesting.

2. Include Visual Media

Visual media like images and videos make your blog posts more interesting for your blog readers. Simply, If you’re adding visual media to your blog posts, your readers can easily understand the content and they can remember your blog to visit again.

You can use free stock photo sites to find photos related photos to blog posts.

In another way, you can create and edit your own images and videos for your blog content to provide a unique value. If you’re blogging promoting your own brand it will definitely help you to make remarkable brand awareness in your reader’s minds.

Canva to Promote Your Blog

I always use Canva to create graphics for my blog posts and social media post needs!

If you’re new to Canva, click here to get your Canva PRO 30-day free trial to enjoy more benefits.

This also helps you to make original infographics, blog banners, graphs, and other types of visual media to engage more blog visitors and get more social shares on blog posts.

3. Understand Your Audience

Put simply, your blog’s target audience is the group of readers. So, You can’t create great content until you understand your audience and what you need to write for them.

When you understand the right audience, they help you create better content, help you find blog post ideas. And finally, they will help you to succeed by willing to buy from you!

So, what’s the thing you need to do first?

Simply, you have to do quick and smart research on your blogging niche to grow it more effectively. If you have Google Analytics set up for your blog you can start gaining insights about your blog visitors.

Google Analytics to Promote Your Blog

And If you’ve got a Facebook page, Twitter profile, or Pinterest, you can also use their audience insights tools to figure out the different interests of your target audience too.

4. Make Your Blog Searchable

People always used search engines to find what they are really looking for. So, if your helpful content is not visible to search engines yet, you might be going to lose more valuable blog visitors.

Don’t forget to optimize your blog content for search! If you’re a newbie here, read this SEO writing guide to start optimizing your content for search engines.

However, Probably you can’t rank for search terms on search engines without improving your blog technically. Meaning, you need to make sure that your blog is performing fastly and SEO friendly without any technical issues.

If you’ve got a good blog design and a fast and reliable web hosting provider your blog might be ready for good SEO results.

You need hard work to rank higher on search engines and use sites like Udemy to learn more about SEO. Once you correctly understand the process, you can grow your blog smoothly.

5. Connect With Your Blog Audience

If you’re not connected with your loyal/target audience you can lose them quickly. You always have to make them impress to promote and grow your blog.

So, how to stay connected with your audience?

  1. Email: This is a kinda powerful, low-cost way of delivering your message to customers or your loyal followers. You can consider starting a blog newsletter to build your email list of readers. You can ask your readers to subscribe to your list using a simple call-to-action (CTA). This will really help you to build an audience that reading your every new post and simply they will become your paying customers!
  2. Social Media: You already know why we need Social media to promote your blog. And we back to understanding your audience, you can use simple insight tools to figure out your audience. If you’re on Facebook, you can create pages and groups targeting your audience and even you can run Facebook ads for your needs. Also, Don’t forget Twitter. And most of the other social media platforms are useful for content promotions.
  3. Pinterest: Pinterest is a visual discovery engine for finding ideas. I’m always getting most of the blog traffic from every Pinterest pin that I shared on Pinterest. Simply, you can use Pinterest like other social media platforms to comment, react, and specially repin ideas that bring loyal blog visitors and sales to your blog.

If you read this post until here, you already know that blogging is just not only writing blog posts. When you’re not promoting them, then your blog will become like a ghost land.

Final Thoughts

This is what I do and still doing to grow my blog. And making up your own blogging strategies can deliver better results and help you improve the content you are producing.

In addition, dig into the internet and figure out what your competitors doing and do something unique than they do to produce helpful content to your audience. Use the right tools at the right time!

Did I miss anything? Don’t be shy to comment on your thoughts below and share your ideas. If this article really helps you to promote your blog, just hit the share button!

Happy blogging!

How to Promote a Blog
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