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12 FREE Pinterest Templates for Canva (Fully Customizable)

Looking for some catchy free Pinterest templates for Canva?

If you haven’t started using Pinterest for your business yet, you’re missing out on a major opportunity.

With over 482 million monthly active users, Pinterest is a powerful platform with plenty of potential for businesses in a variety of industries.

In this article, we’ll be sharing 12 of our favorite Canva templates that are perfect for creating engaging and visually appealing pins.

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How to Use Free Pinterest Templates?

Whether you’re a business owner, blogger, or just someone who loves to design, these templates will save you time and help you create stunning pins that will stand out from the rest.

To use these templates, simply enter your email below and you’ll get a link to a variety of templates to choose from.

Free Pinterest Templates

Once you’ve selected a template, you can customize it to fit your brand by adding your own photos, changing the colors, and adding your own text.

And if you’re serious about using Canva to create pins for Pinterest, then the Content Planner, a powerful tool that is part of the Canva Pro bundle, is an absolute must-have.

With this tool, you can easily plan and schedule your pins without leaving the Canva editor, saving you a significant amount of time and simplifying your workflow.

Get these 12 free Canva templates to make your Pinterest more powerful

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We spent a considerable amount of time crafting these templates, so we kindly request that you use them for your own benefit, rather than attempting to sell them.

Final Words

These free Pinterest templates for Canva are fully customizable and perfect for getting started with creating pins that stand out.

With a few clicks, you can easily change the colors, fonts, and images to personalize each template to your liking.

So what are you waiting for? Get designing!

And don’t forget to share this with your fellow bloggers!

Pinterest Templates
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30 thoughts on “12 FREE Pinterest Templates for Canva (Fully Customizable)”

  1. These are by far some of the best free Canva templates I have seen and perfect for my blog. I just bought your paid templates from your Etsy shop as well. Thanks for creating them!

  2. after a long time searching Pinterest, here I’m able to get the most attractive canva templates. But I’m unable to use them in the free plan of the canva. How can I use, the reply will be highly appreciated by anybody. thx!

    • Hi Rai,

      You can use most of the templates above with your FREE plan. There are only two templates that have included Canva PRO stock photos. If the Canva asks you to purchase the premium stock photos, just delete the templates that included the premium stock photos (you can see the Canva watermark there) and try downloading again, or get the 30-days free trial from the above link. 🙂

  3. Hello,

    Thanks for sharing yours nices Pinetrest templates. They are very professional.
    I do the download on Canva… but i can change color, or police it’s normal?
    thanks a lot


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