Canva Pro Review 2022: Is It Truly Worth It?

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I know you’re interested in using Canva for your work. That’s why you found this Canva Pro review.

Put simply, Canva is a free drag-and-drop design platform that lets you create excellent visual content fast.

If you’re in digital marketing or own a business or maybe a social media page, I’m pretty sure you know the importance of visual content. Simply the graphical things you need to engage with your audience.

But, why is it so important?

“Text-based content is always going to be an integral part of marketing, but to really set yourself apart in the digital era, visual content must play a pivotal role in all of your efforts.”Digital Marketing entrepreneur Neil Patel.

But, why exactly do you need an online designing tool?

The importance of visual content has increased significantly in most of 2021. People want to power up their online presence and engagement to succeed in their business and career.

Most of the time, we need meaningful graphics, videos, banners, ebooks, charts, cards, and much more visual content for our projects. But downloading them from the internet and editing them with PC software can be a little overwhelmed thing.

This is where Canva comes in handy for you.

Here’s why you need Canva Pro to kick start your workflow in 2022!

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Canva is (Mostly) Free

Canva is free to use forever if you don’t want to take your design experience to the next level. The free version allows you to use the main features with a kind of limitation. But it’s still perfect if you’re using it for a small design purpose.

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Canva Pro Review

With Canva Pro, you’ll get exclusive access to 75M+ stock photos, elements, illustrations, various types of premium templates, a background remover tool, social media scheduler plus 100GB of cloud storage, and an endless pack of tools and features.

Moreover, they also offer special programs for students, teachers, and nonprofits as well. You can choose your preferred plan that is right for your business, organization, or educational purposes without any hassle.

Pre-Made Templates

Canva templates

Once you have signed up for Canva Pro, it will bring you a large number of templates that you can use for creating great graphics using a drag-and-drop editor.

Whether you need something for your Facebook cover, presentation for work, or infographics for your blog posts, Canva templates are an excellent way to get your ideas off the ground.

Canva Brand Kit

Canva brand kit

A brand kit is a guide to your brand’s visual identity. That really helps you to communicate with your audience those who love your brand.

It doesn’t matter If you’re running a large or a small business. Brand kits can include all your essential assets like logos, fonts, and illustrations. Canva has a special feature to store your all brand kit assets in one place.

Canva is offering this feature with the Canva Pro. Once you add them, no need to upload your brand assets every time you create a new design, Canva will take care of all of them for you.

Stock Photos, Videos, and More

Canva Photos

Canva media library comes in both free and premium media.

  • Free: These media are available for free to users that don’t have subscribed to the Pro plan. But these are limited.
  • Premium: Canva Pro users can access more media such as stock photos, videos music, graphics, and fonts.

Background Remover, Effects, and Filters

Canva Pro's background remover tool

Removing the background from an image is not an easy task at all. But with the Canva Pro’s background remover tool, it’s easy than ever and anyone can remove image backgrounds in seconds.

When you need your image for something more serious, like a job application, Imagine the power of the background remover tool that can add a professional look to your resume image. And yes, you can also create a great resume using Canva templates as well.

More than that, you can add effects and filters to images, and generating mockups is simpler than ever.

Canva Content Planner

Canva Content Planner

Canva’s new content planner is a brand new feature that allows you to plan, design, and schedule your social media posts in one place, without leaving Canva.

This feature is only available in Canva PRO and you will be able to access this content planner through the right sidebar once you logged into the Canva.

This feature is a really cool feature that helps you to plan what you need to post at the right time to your Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Website Landing Pages

Landing Pages

With the latest features that Canva has been released, they allow you to create website landing pages in minutes. For example, if you want to create an Instagram bio link to share all of your important links with your followers, you can create it with Canva.

You can find these templates from Canva’s templates library and once you created a landing page you can use of URL shortener tool to shorten your Canva landing page link.

Team-up With Canva

Canva teams

With the Canva team-up feature, you will be able to share your designs with your team and invite them to collaborate in real-time.

Each free team can have up to 3000 members, including yourself. But Canva Pro teams power up the features available from the standard free teams. The best thing is you can also assign members as Template Designers.

Design and Order Custom Prints

Canva Pro Review 2022: Is It Truly Worth It? 1

Canva Print allows you to get print your designs with their printing service. All you need to do is, choose a designer-made template, customize it with your photos in a few clicks and they’ll print and deliver it to your doorstep.

Canva Print is currently available for limited products in a few regions. You can order prints such as paper products, apparel products, and home decor products with lots more to try.

Canva Design School

Canva Design School

Canva Design School is the place that improves your design skills and visual literacy to make beautiful designs with Canva.

It will help you get started with Canva to build a personal brand or brand your own business from scratch even with your team. The best thing is it’s free to learn.

The Changemaker is Canva PRO

Canva is a wonderful resource for me, As I mentioned earlier, Canva is more than just an online graphic design tool. That is a huge place for non-designers who don’t have skills in designing.


And I recommend you sign up for Canva PRO 30-day free trial for a better experience.

Happy designing!

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  1. I’ve been using canva for 9 months now. I found it to be very convenient when it comes to markering. I spend up to 3 hours every day in my Pro canva subscription. My main challenge is still, where to find the icon I’m looking for from the left side bar.


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