Convertkit: Unlock the Power of Email Marketing

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ConvertKit is a fantastic email marketing platform tailored to creators such as bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters, coaches, and musicians.

It’s packed with tools for email marketing, automation, and monetization that can help you expand your audience and engage effectively with your followers.

With ConvertKit’s customizable landing pages and sign-up forms plus its automation features for building lasting connections with subscribers.

And let’s not forget about the options for selling digital products or subscriptions – this platform truly has everything you need!

Whether you’re an advanced creator seeking powerful features to push boundaries in growing your business or just starting out on building a newsletter like we did at TalkBitz using ConvertKit – it’s a perfect choice!

The best part?

You can start for free without spending a dime; yes—free up to 10,000 subscribers!

But hold on… there’s more: If you really want to dive deep into what Convertkit offers, try their Creator plan for 14 days absolutely free.

In this plan, they’ve added these nifty things like ‘Sequences’ which are just back-to-back emails but smarter; guiding subscribers through different paths after certain time gaps between each mail.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in or piques your curiosity at least a bit, click here to check out all the features available.

Price: $29/mo (14-day free trial)
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