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Minosh Wijayarathne, the person behind the TalkBitz, started the blog (A Personal Blog) in December 2018 to help both techie and non-techie beginners. Now, it’s serving technology contents to users who lived everywhere in the world. Currently, It has 200-300 daily visitors having engaged with love!

Most of the fellows can be having issues with start their online growth or getting their business online. It depends, either on how technology changed day by day. Maybe it’s a simple thing but they never expect that easy to be solved.

In fact, We’ll dedicate to help everyone by posting helpful content to grow up anyone’s online presence through the community around the TalkBitz. And we think that will be helpful for total beginners, who want to grow up their online presence with easy-peasy guides!


Minosh Wijayarathne
Sri Lanka.

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Blog published on 2018 December 08.