How to Start a Blog in 2020 (Beginner’s Guide)

Wondering about how to start a blog in 2020?

That’s why you’re here!

In the past year, That’s the year I learned about blogging. I dreamed, worked and now my blog is my main passive income source.

In this step-by-step guide, I’ll show you how to start a blog (on a budget), It’s easier and faster than you think in 2020! So, I’m going to make this guide as super detailed as I can.

First, you need to know: This method is the easiest and fastest way to start a self-hosted WordPress blog on Bluehost. And this guide is completely for beginners who have struggled with techy things!

If you’re going to follow the below steps correctly, which means you can surely build your blog today! Is it? The total social shares of this blog post will show you that!

Introduction to the Way

Blogging! Blogging is some kind of addiction and anyone can start a blog. But, what is the right way that starting a profitable blog? Still didn’t have any idea about blogging?

Don’t worry! Let’s clarify everything from scratch.

start a blog

Here are a few facts you may need to know before starting a blog!

What is a Blog?

A blog is a type of a regularly updated website with posts (articles) about a particular subject, typically run by an individual or small group.

I Have Zero Technical Experience, Can I Start Blogging?

The effort is a must to succeed in everything. But you need to follow a particular learning curve.

This guide is entirely for beginners (like you). All the blogging resources and tools available here are suitable for beginners and those are easy to handle with their user-friendly steps.

But, everything is up to you! Because your dream blog will entirely depend on how you work and how you spend time for it to achieve success. So, I’m here to guide you to start your blog by lessons that I learned from my blogging journey!

Why Starting a Blog in 2020?

Being online helps you to build your career and makes a huge value for your thoughts ideas and works. You can sell digital goods or reach your own business to more audience at little cost without spending more money on advertising. Simply you can show your talents to everyone!

Can I Make Money Through My Blog?

Let’s be honest! Once you start blogging in your own way, you can open your doors to make money blogging.

It’s not limited to displaying ads on your blog! You can do affiliate marketing, write sponsored posts, sell ebooks, sell physical goods, and many advertisers will find you to collaborate with you!

Why I Need a Budget to Start a Blog?

There are some free blogging platforms, great for beginners, and fits for everyone who loves to blog. However, those platforms have several limitations. As an example, combing your business and blog might be uncomfortable.

But, if you’re going to start a self-hosted blog with WordPress, the blog is entirely yours! You can make it much usable and profitable.

What is the difference between and

WordPress is the web software that we are going to use to build your blog on your own internet space.

I know this can be some kind of techy thing, but don’t worry, this will super easy to understand and you just need to know these things.WordPress provides its service in two different ways, blogs are free, but you have less control, and your income may be limited. It’s just a free blogging platform!, called self-hosted WordPress, bringing you an open-source software that you can install on your own web host to create a blog or website that’s 100% your own. (This is the way you are following up).

Simply, you are going to build a blog on your own internet space with WordPress (a self-hosted WordPress Blog).

As I mentioned above, most prominent companies and small bloggers have a self-hosted WordPress blog. And it’s my recommendation too for beginners.

Let’s see what are the steps you’re going to learn with this free guide!

6 Steps to Start a Blog in 2020

  1. Decide what you’re going to blog about
  2. Choose a blogging platform
  3. Pick a good hosting
  4. Set up your blog
  5. Get started with WordPress
  6. Customize your blog and launch it!

Disclosure: This free guide contains some affiliate links. If you purchase any service through one of these links I may earn a small commission, this is at no extra cost to you.

1. Decide What You’re Going to Blog About

If you’re running a business, company, or organization, your blog should be related to your product or service you offer. So, you can promote them through a blog!

If you’re an individual, you can decide on a topic you most likely to discuss. I can introduce it as the “Blog Niche”. In general speaking, the blog niche is a specific topic of your blog. Such as Food, Travel, Tech, or something similar you mostly love to write.

But here are few things to think about first,

  • How passionate you are about the topic or blog niche
  • How passionate other people are about the topic or your readers
  • Ways you can make money from the topic

There is no rule to choose a common topic. If you have a reasonable chance of making your blog better than other blog topics with your passion, skills, and experience, you can go through it!

But you have to think about how others passionate about your topic. (passionate plus more readers!)

Blog Niche 2020

If you want to make your blog profitable, you have to think about how it should be in the right way.

Here’s a small example,

Imagine you’re passionate about coffee, so you can writing about different coffees, your adventures at various cafes, etc.

But, can you imagine how many people are in the world being loved with coffee?

You can drive those people to your blog as your readers. It will help you to makes other coffee lovers happy and simply you will gain more readers and more revenue!

Just start blogging with something you and your readers will really passionate about! Simply, use social media, Google, and all the other related sites and do a quick research about your passionate!!

2. Choose a Blogging Platform

If you want to start a blog, you need a blogging platform. It’s something like a kitchen in a restaurant.

So, you need to prepare your kitchen more healthy and reliable to get more customers. Likewise, You need a great blogging platform to start your blog!

I use and always recommend WordPress as I mentioned above. It’s totally free to use. But WordPress can do everything? Then, why you need a budget to start a blog? Confusing…?

Just think about the restaurant. It has a kitchen, right?

Then what about the dining area?

The restaurant needs a dining area to serve their foods to customers!

Likewise, you need hosting to hand over your blog posts to your readers. Let’s move to the next steps to clarify this.

3. Pick a Good Hosting

In the above step, I have mentioned about a restaurant similar to starting a blog. And now you are going to know about its dining area. Right?

The blogging platform (WordPress) will manage all the words, blog posts, images, videos, and everything on your blog. (Like the restaurant’s kitchen)

Hosting will power up and makes your blog alive and accessible on the internet by providing a space for the blog. (Like restaurant’s dining area)

In this method, You’ll find a simple way to get blogging platform + hosting from one place without spending more money and time. It will only take less than 30 minutes to set up everything!

4. Setup Your Blog

The best recommendation is to get WordPress + Hosting from Bluehost. It’s one of the most extensive website hosting providers and powers millions of websites.

Click here to head over to Bluehost and hit the green “Get Started” button.

Welcome to Bluehost

Bluehost offers the one-click WordPress installation, which means no need to worry about anything installing WordPress on your host. Mainly, Bluehost is a WordPress recommended web hosting service!

As other benefits you’ll get,

  • FREE Domain Name
  • FREE SSL certificate included
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Unlimited SSD storage
  • Host unlimited Websites (Starts from Plus package)
  • One-click WordPress installation
  • 30-day Money-Back Guarantee

First, Select a plan you preferred. You can sign up for the Basic plan to get started as a beginner or I can recommend choosing the Choice Plus plan because it has more unlimited features and offering domain privacy.

Select Your Bluehost Plan

When you register a domain name, your personal details are saved in a publicly available database called WHOIS.

Bluehost’s Domain privacy protection will protect your personal data and keep it hidden from the rest of the world. And Bluehost will offer this protection in the “Choose Plus” plan, there is no extra cost to you. Either, you can choose the Basic plan as you prefer.

If you’re already blogging on WordPress and thinking about moving to Bluehost, you can also able to migrate your WordPress website absolutely free with expert support.

Enter the domain (your web address) you want to use. It can be your name, company, or organization name, or whatever your name you want as your blog domain.

Set up domain

Bluehost offers a FREE domain for the first year and a FREE SSL certificate. (A digital certificate that provides authentication and enables encrypted connection for a website. Simply, the padlock icon at the address bar on the web browser.)

If you want to run a quick search to see if your domain name is available, you can do it quickly right here:

If your domain name of choice isn’t available, you can either try another name that comes to your mind or you can select the option to choose your domain name later.

Set up your Bluehost account. You can sign in with Google or enter your contact info manually. Make sure all the details are correct!

Fill out Account Info

Select your package information. You can choose a package pricing on how far in advance you want to pay. They do not offer monthly payment plans.

If you can pay for 36 months (3 years), your monthly cost will be reduced from the normal price (only for the first time) and you can save more money and you will get hosting for 3 years!

If you go with the Basic plan, you can add domain privacy as a package extra. Just noted, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Pick a package from bluehost

Complete your hosting purchase. Enter your payment information, review the Policies and Terms, check the box and hit the green Submit button!

Payment for Bluehost

Create a password for your Bluehost account. This is the password for your Bluehost account, not for your WordPress blog (that will receive you via email).

Create Password

Log in to your Bluehost account. Use the password you just created in the above step. Or sign in with Google as you signed up before.

login to bluehost account

Start creating your blog! Enter the name of your blog and a tagline of your blog. Toggle on the switch next to “Do you want a blog?” and you can change these settings later!

Name your website

You may be asked some survey questions about your online goals and some website creation related questions about your experiences. Answered them and continue the next step.

Pick a theme you love! You can choose a free or premium theme as you want. Premium themes come with more features and updates. Either you can choose a free theme.

Pick a theme for wordpress

Once you pick a theme your WordPress blog will start installing itself.

Congratulations, you just have a self-hosted WordPress blog!

5. Get started with WordPress

Once everything has done, you can start building your WordPress blog as you want. Just a thing to remember, you should have two sets of login details (check your email inbox),

  • WordPress logins, the place you’ll write your posts, and manage your blog.
  • Bluehost logins to manage your hosting account related settings and pay your hosting bill.
Bluehost cPanel

However, we have to spend more time on WordPress, remember both passwords, and you will need WordPress username and password to login to the WordPress dashboard most of the time.

Welcome to the WordPress Dashboard!

WordPress Dashboard on Bluehost

Here’s the place you can publish posts, photos, and everything on your blog. Also, we can install the required plugins to powerup your blog with great features and more. Simply, this is the place you’re going to buildup your blog!

The left black column shows you tools and options to build your blog, and the right section is your working area. Here are a few settings you make sure all are right,

If you want to learn how the WordPress dashboard is working for you, just head over to my step-by-step guide to learn WordPress from scratch!

For now, go to Settings > General

  • Site title and tagline: Make sure your site title and tagline are correct. If not you can edit them here. Your tagline should be a short phrase that describes your site or mission well. Those are changeable at any time!
  • Site address: Make sure it is started with https:// instead of http://.
  • Admin email: You can change the administrator email by entering a new one. Once you changed it you have to confirm it. Make sure that email is active.
  • Membership: Do nothing if you are not going to register new members for your blog. Just leave it as unchecked.
  • Timezone, date: You can change the time zones as you want. But remember this will important for if you are going to schedule posts.

Go to Settings > Permalinks and make sure “Post name” is selected. This structure is good for blogs in several ways.

Click “Save” if you made any changes there!

6. Customize Your Blog and Launch it!

Hooray! Now you are in the last step to launch your blog to the rest of the world. So, now you can start doing something on your blog. Go to Posts > Add New to create a new post!

I recommend doing these things before launch it,

Add important pages. Go to Pages > Add New. It’s always better to add an About Page, Contact Page, Disclaimer Page, Privacy Policy Page, Terms of Service Page, as you need them for your blog transparency.

Install important plugins. First, I recommend installing the Yoast SEO plugin. It helps you to write SEO friendly blog posts to get more readers from search engines like Google.

To install a plugin:

  1. Go to Plugins > Add New.
  2. Search for “Yoast SEO” on the search bar.
  3. Click “Install and “Activate” it.

So, as my experience I recommend you to install plugins called “WordFence” or “Sucuri” for security, for better blogging! Don’t worry that plugins already has a setup guide.

Customize the blog design. You can change your theme as you inspired. Go to Appearance > Themes > Add New to choose your preferred one. Or you can upload any theme there you have separately downloaded from somewhere.

But many free themes aren’t kept updating, sometimes that may affect your site’s security. It’s better if you can go with a premium theme.

Personally, I love the Astra WordPress theme, and it’s a perfect recommendation for beginners. This theme is responsive for all devices such as PCs, Laptops, Mobile even on every Tablet device. And it keeps updating with introducing more and more features!

Astra WordPress Theme

Astra theme has great features,

  • Pre-Built Websites (Import websites from the library of starter sites.)
  • Customize Without Code (Astra premium theme offer much more customization options for easy use)
  • Made for Page Builders
  • Super Fast Performance (Astra is lightweight and easy to use with any website)

However, It already has a free version of the theme so that you can get their premium version for your requirements!

Remove the Coming Soon page. Go to the Bluehost section of your site’s Dashboard or the Settings > General section of your site’s Dashboard.

Congratulations, (party sounds) now your blog is live! Hit your domain into your browser’s address bar.

What’s Next About Blogging?

Just keep writing and building a great audience around your blog. Always write the helping with Yoast SEO plugin and make sure to share your blog posts on social media including Pinterest.

Use the Canva Online Graphic tool to create awesome graphics for your blog posts for free. It will help you to get more social share and attract more readers visually.

If you need any technical help with Bluehost, you can contact them via live chat or call them via the numbers from their home page.

When you are going to make any changes related to plugins, read their installation guide, and setup guide first. Otherwise, if you faced any issue with WordPress or any plugin, you can use the forum to get help from the developer’s end.

I hope you have started a blog with my how-to start a blog guide. I have covered all of the things in the easiest and profitable way to start a blog.

Don’t forget to share this with your friends to help them start a blog as you started!

Happy Blogging!

How to Start a Blog in 2020
How to Start a Blog
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36 thoughts on “How to Start a Blog in 2020 (Beginner’s Guide)”

  1. I wish I had this information when I was starting my blog. It would have save so much heartache and headache. This article shows that you are knowledgeable about starting a blog.

  2. I’m considering starting a blog so this is super helpful, but is it normal that I feel overwhelmed by all the info?

    1. Hi Anne, You can start it by giving a domain name and choosing whatever you platform you like. But, we need to work smartly to building an audience. If we have got the right info, we know what are the challenges we’ve. So, we can plan it early. I think that I made this guide simple.

  3. Hi
    Your post makes me wanna publish a blog this very moment. You really explained it very well, it’s a rarity these days. It shows you have an experience in the area and doesn’t feel like a shallow researched topic.

  4. I’ve thought about starting a blog a million times but, I just have that fear since I have no idea how to start. This information is spot on and simple for me to understand. I got excited and nervous at the same time. I want to Thank you for that.
    Please cheer for me as I take on this journey.
    More power to you!

  5. Hi, great tips you gave. I have been blogging for some months now on Blogger but I want to have my own web host. Is it possible to go with bluehost and then export my posts from Blogger? I don’t want to loose does contents. Please respond. 😥

    1. Hi Chinwe,

      Yes of course you can. First, you have to backup your blogger content: simply check out this help article: (but don’t delete your blogger blog after doing this)

      Once you’ve backup your data, you need to signup on Bluehost and install WordPress with following my guide.

      When you have done, you need to import your blogger content to your new WordPress site.

      Next, open your WordPress dashboard. Then, go to the Tools → Import tab, and you should see a Blogger option at the top of the page. Click on “Install Now” under Blogger to get started.

      When it’s ready, use the Choose File button and locate the .xml file you downloaded as a backup from Blogger.

      If you wanted to know more info kindly refer to this article.

      However, if you feel this is quite hard for you, I highly recommend you hire a developer from somewhere like Fiverr to get this thing done.

      And, don’t be hesitate to use the site’s contact form anytime!

  6. I have been wanting to start a blog, as so many others have said, but I am passionate about so many different things, that I really don’t know what to blog about! I love everything from crafts, to helping people, to pets… it’s so hard to decide!

    1. Hi Brandi Boles,

      Seems like you’re stuck on choosing a niche. But you’re the only one who knows your capacity.

      1. If you have a good niche idea, you can check niche size, use social sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter to see how people talking about your niche. Otherwise, you can also do keyword research to understand your audience.

      2. Explore other blogs and websites (competitors) and figure out how others are also interested in it, so you can turn them into your fans and followers with the right content.

      3. Making sure your niche is monetizable to make money from your blog. You can explore some of the competitors in your niche to see if they selling services or products related to the industry.

  7. Hi Manish,
    A very nice article.. I have been planning to write a blog. But I am stuck at the topic, which most people would like to read. Can you throw some light on how you come up with topics or any research links which you can advice. Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Priya,

      Glad to hear that you’re going be write a blog.
      If you’re going to do a quick research you can use be use sites such as,, and, etc. Also, exploring hashtags on social media is another effective way to get ideas. Otherwise, you can use Q&A sites like to see what people exactly searching on your favorite topics.

      Moreover, check out this article about keyword research tools to find more resources to pump up your ideas.

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