How to Make Pinterest Pins Go Viral

Using Pinterest can be a great way to drive traffic to your blog. But, how are popular bloggers getting traffic from Pinterest?

Well, I’ll give you an extremely simple answer. A lot of the traffic is coming from the pins that they create.

So, how exactly do they make pins go viral?

There is no guaranteed way to make your Pinterest pins go viral, but there are certain things you can do to greatly increase your chances.

In this article, I’ll share with you my Pinterest strategy to help you make Pinterest pins go viral effortlessly.

Let’s dive in!

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What is a Viral Pin?

We can simply use the word, “Viral content” for a piece of content that has become incredibly popular in hours or days by being shared by most Internet users.

When it’s come to Pinterest, the same thing can happen. We can describe them as Viral Pins.

When your daily Pinterest traffic increases significantly, you should have some viral pins!

In the last 30 days, the following pin has been clicked 1.28K times, saved 344 times, and had 39.1K impressions.

Pinterest Pin Growth

If your pin looks really valuable to the Pinterest audience, Pinterest will start showing your pin to a new audience and your pin can be shown to more and more pinners.

1. Use Pin Worthy Images

Pinterest is not a social media platform. It is a visual discovery engine for finding ideas and more. So, there is a big impact on Images and people use the images to decide what to click on.

However, there is no guarantee your Pinterest image will bring you a lot of traffic. The point is, it helps people to decide whether your pin is worth clicking or not.

If you’re a food blogger or a travel blogger, it is easy to have images for your Pinterest pin. But If you do not have a photo to use, what should use in that situation?

The simple answer is stock images!

When deciding on the image to use, you want to ensure it makes sense for Pinterest. β€ŒYou can use free stock images but using rarely used images photos add a plus value for your pins because they are less used on Pinterest.

The best way is, to use Canva PRO!

Canva is free to use forever, but Canva PRO comes with premium stock photos so there is a big chance to find rarely used images for your Pins.

If you want to give it a try, you can sign up for the Canva PRO 30-day FREE trial to access Canva premium stock photos with many more graphic assets. It will help you heavily modify your pins and make them more attractive.

Moreover, make sure that your Pin is vertical because vertical pins perform better on Pinterest!

2. Use Catchy Pin Titles

Let’s think about it this way, imagine you’re a Pinterest user and looking for some “how to make a logo” guide or some ideas.

If you want to click any pin, ask yourself, Why would you click it?

You’ll see some catchy pins with attention-grabbing titles or titles that include numbers such as “5 Free Online Logo Maker Sites for non-Designers” so it will tend you to click.

That’s because this gives a little bit more information about what the reader would learn from the post and it directly shows what kind of audience it’s targeting.

If you think the text must be exactly the same as the title of the article you link to, it does not. You can create alternative pins for the same post and different Pin titles but you need to feel users what your pin is really about.

If you need help with writing catchy titles check out Hubspot’s formula for writing catchy headlines!

3. Use Keywords Properly

Simply, Pinterest Keywords are a way to ensure the right people find your content. You can use relevant keywords in your pin title, description, and also in the Pin alt-text. But it should be placed naturally, which means you need to prevent using keywords without limitations everywhere.

However, use simple words that fit into your niche.

The easiest way to find keywords is its search bar.

For example, search for “blogging” on Pinterest. Pinterest gives you suggested terms and these terms are your keywords!

Find Pinterest keywords

In addition, your profile is a great place to add keywords and both your business name and bio. It helps let Pinterest users know how you’re going to be valuable to them with the type of content you have in a niche.

Wrapping Up

Pinterest is perfect for every blogger even new bloggers to grow their blogs in less time. But making a pin go viral is not a simple thing you can do with a few clicks.

You need to publish pins that users love.

I use Canva PRO to create my Pinterest pins and it makes it easy to find relevant photos, graphics, and fonts and schedule them easily.

Make Pinterest Pins Go Vira
Pinterest Pins Go Vira

Happy pinning!

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    14 thoughts on “How to Make Pinterest Pins Go Viral”

    1. I’ve tried all this. But once my pins started tracking more than a thousand views in one day Pinterest started to hide most of my pins! When I. Lick in them it says there is no link attached. I’ve tried contacting them with no success. I think if you pay for your pins then they will allow your pins to be fully viewed. I haven’t paid for any of pins. I think cash is the key.

      • Hi Celia,

        Pinterest can be a very seasonal platform, and monthly views go up and down all the time. I experienced the same thing you’re explaning.

        But, you don’t need to pay for your pins. I never paid for my pins. The key is what type of content you’re giving to Pinterest. I tried many pin types and I think catchy pins always getting attraction from Pinterest users. If you can pin something to go beyond other pins in the same topic, that that would be the key.

        Plus, the Above tips are things that worked for me. make sure to ask the support team if your links marked as spam or not.


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