How to Grow Your Blog Using Pinterest Traffic in 2022

Anyone can start a blog nowadays. But, after you publish your blog to the world, there is a common question that every blogger should have.

How do I really grow my blog traffic?

And the quick answer is using Pinterest traffic!

When someone has started a Blog, almost they tend to do SEO to grow their blog traffic fast. Learning and doing SEO is a must for long-term success but it may take time.

But, Pinterest will really help you to drive traffic to your blog and that is the most effective way I have used to grow my blog.

Seriously, it doesn’t cost any money. It would be a perfect place for you to grab a good audience related to your niche.

And today, I get enough daily blog traffic from Pinterest without any hassle.

Pinterest Blog Traffic 2020

In this article, I walk through to show you how you can also grow your blog traffic using Pinterest without spending your hard-earned cash on paid ads!

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1. Make Your Pinterest Profile Perfect

First, If you are going to use Pinterest traffic as your blog traffic source, you have to convert your personal Pinterest account to a business account. Click on the Menu icon (triple dots) at the left top corner and choose “Add a free business profile“. Complete up your business account for free by giving your profile a name and all the related info.

or, Directly Go to

Pinterest Profile
  • Choose your name: You must set two names on Pinterest: your profile name and the username. I used my blog name as my default username and my profile name is something different here. It will really help me to get more from Pinterest because people are knowing what kind of things are related to my Pinterest profile. That will help you increase your followers as well.
  • Profile bio: Briefly introduce your blog and what you’re doing on Pinterest. Use some keywords in your bio.
  • Claim your blog: Claiming your blog really important to you to get verified and Analytics for your content pinned on Pinterest. To do this, follow this simple guide. It’s a must-do thing on Pinterest for bloggers. Yes, it’s a must!

2. Create Pinterest Boards Related to Your Blog

Keep creating Pinterest boards related to your blog and pin others’ pins to the same boards. I have created my boards as my blog categories. Also, I’ve added board covers to every board and I used one of the boards named “Best of TalkBitz” to pin my all blog posts.

That will help users to identify my pins easily.

Pinterest best of talkbitz

3. Create Awesome Pins That Getting Pinterest Traffic

There are different kinds of pins are available on Pinterest. Maybe if you create a pin about chicken recipes, see how many recipes you can find out on Pinterest. You could see so many pins.

That means your pin should look great and catchy to drive more traffic to your blog.

Pinterest Pin Growth

Moreover, I always use Canva to create Pinterest pins easily. It’s totally free and you’ll be able to direct posting to Pinterest via Canva.

Create more pins and pins every day to drive more Pinterest traffic.

The free version of Canva allows you to use the main features with a kind of limitation. But, I highly recommend you to go with Canva Pro 30-Day free trial to get more from it.

Also, you can use free stock images to create your own pins. But there are many same pins with the same stock image, you can choose different angles and positions when you’re using stock images or you can use stock images market like Shutterstock to purchase stock photos for the lowest prices.

4. Use Rich Pins

Rich pins are great for users to think if they should click on your pin for more details on a product, article, and recipe published on your blog.

It’s easy to identify rich pins by the extra information above and below the pin on a closeup and the bold title in the grid. See how to apply for rich pins.

5. Install Save Button on Your Blog

Using this save button, any visitor can able save any image from your blog to Pinterest directly using it. If someone saved an image to Pinterest, another Pinterest user will come from that saved image easily to your blog. Get it from here.

6. Make Your Site Mobile Responsive

Most of the Pinterest traffic will come from mobile devices worldwide. So, you should have to make sure your blog is responsive to every device. If your blog is not mobile responsive, users will be probably left your blog usually.

Astra WordPress Theme is one of the best themes for WordPress I have ever used. It is free to install and run on every kind of WordPress site that offers amazing performance and customization options.

7. Join Group Boards to Get More Pinterest Traffic

Group boards can show up your pins in front of more users on Pinterest. A board is a shared one by multiple Pinterest bloggers, and users, and each one can add or save a new pin to the board.

Group boards are a great way to help you gain more traffic to your blog.

You can use to find relevant group boards to join you.

You can get started by joining my ongoing Group Boards on Pinterest,

  1. Blogging for Beginners
  2. Make Money Online

Bonus: Drive More Pinterest Blog Traffic

Always trying to get more organic traffic in effective ways. That will help us to move our content to the right readers always. In another way check out the Tailwind tool for more benefits!

That’s all about how to use Pinterest to grow your blog traffic effectively. I’m also still growing on it. So, never lose any good readers from Pinterest, start pinning today, and make value for your content.

Don’t forget to follow @talkbitz on Pinterest!

Happy pinning!

Pinterest Traffic
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    1. Thanks for this post! I’m just getting started with Pinterest – I heard somewhere that adding popular relevant pins to your boards can get the board more exposure. Is there any validity to that?

    2. Thanks for your suggestions. I used Pinterest as a tool to save my favorite images and didn’t understand how the system worked. Later, I found many people visit and link the image. This SNS may bring more benefits than I’ve thought.

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