How to Use Pinterest Group Boards to Grow Your Blog

Can you believe that Pinterest group boards can double your blog traffic?

It’s super easy to start a blog these days, But, you definitely have to work on growing your blog!

When you use social media to grow your blog, Pinterest can do most of it for you, and Pinterest group boards can help you to double your traffic with more engagement.

Well, still don’t have a Pinterest account for your Blog? follow these steps to create a Pinterest account first!

If you’re ready to grow your blog with Pinterest, let’s get into the guide!

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What is a Pinterest Group Board?

A Pinterest group board is a collaboration of Pinterest users. Boards are owned by one Pinner (Pinterest user), who has given permission to one or more other Pinners to add Pins to the same Group Board.

Just like a notice board in our real life! Here’s an example,

Pinterest Make Money Online Group Boards

The Group Board has rules set by the owner of the Board to run it with other users. Once you joined a group, you can start pinning and also able to invite others to the Group board depending on the board rules.

You can join multiple Boards, but once you followed it, It does not mean you have participated on that Board. You must have to request to join. Once it gets approved, you can able to start pinning.

How to Find Pinterest Group Boards

One of the easiest ways to find Pinterest group boards, use It will find and show you all of the group boards once you just hit a search on it.

For example, if you want to find a board similar to making money online, enter the keyword “make money online” and scroll down to find your most relevant board to join.

How to Use Pinterest Group Boards to Grow Your Blog 1

It will show you the results by category, language, pin counts, collaborates, and the score of the board.

As another method, you can look for boards that other Pinterest users have joined. Also, you can do this once you joined a group board by viewing the users on the board.

To do this,

Go to the board you have already joined, click on the user profile icons in the right corner and click on the name to navigate their profiles – and go to the “Boards” sections to view their boards.

Pretty simple!

How to Join Pinterest Group Boards

Once you find the relevant board, look for the “Request to join” button and click to join. Some Group Boards may also have various types of instructions for joining the Board in the description.

How to join pinterest group boards

How to Increase Your Blog Traffic

There is nothing that will happen by itself once you joined a group board. So, you have to start pinning by yourself more and more. Group boards always have more engagement cause it has more followers and higher score.

Pinterest Pin

At first, you have to create stunning pins that people love to save your pins to their boards. Once you pin one of a pin to a Group board, others can see your pin, and they will start engaging with it by saving, clicking (Blog traffic), or at least viewing it.

Here are the steps you can follow for more engagement on Pinterest,

  1. Create stunning pins for more engagement: I preferred to use online tools like to create Pinterest pins. (Try these 12 FREE Canva Pinterest templates)
  2. Pin Description: Write a killing description using relevant keywords on your pin description. You can use the Pinterest search bar to see some keyword suggestions.
  3. Pin on your boards: First, publish your pins on your own boards. Make sure those boards are relevant to your niche.
  4. Pin into group boards: Now, start pinning your pin to group boards. Most of the boards have some sections, So make sure how your pin is going through the board section and try to pin it into the relevant section.
  5. Use the Pinterest tools, Tailwind: If you want to schedule your Pinterest pins for a week or month ahead, you should use a pin scheduler like Tailwind.

Always try to get all the benefits of Pinterest group boards with pining creatively designed pins!

Never stop using Pinterest. The blog traffic will increase while you create fresh pins continuously.

Happy pinning! 😉

Pinterest Traffic
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