How to Make Money on Pinterest (Beginner’s Guide)

Curious about how people make money on Pinterest?

Well, Pinterest is like a virtual pinboard where users from all over the world can visually share and explore new ideas.

And guess what?

You can really make money on Pinterest!

Still not sure?

Just to give you an idea, Pinterest has an impressive 482 million monthly active users worldwide.

And here’s an interesting fact: the majority of Pinterest users are women, making up around 60% of its core audience.

Now, think about it.

With such a massive user base, Pinterest can be incredibly valuable for you. As the audience continues to grow, so do your opportunities to make money.

So, let’s dive in and explore how you can benefit from this amazing platform!

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How I Make Money on Pinterest with a Blog

There are countless guides on the internet that share tips on how to make money on Pinterest, both with and without a blog.

It’s possible to achieve this without a blog, it’s important to keep in mind that without a platform such as your own website, e-commerce store, or even a YouTube channel, it may not be as effective in the long term.

I have a great passion for content marketing and have been actively involved in blogging for a few years.

Through my own experiences and experimentation, I have learned what strategies work and what strategies do not.

One valuable lesson I’ve learned is that there are no shortcuts or quick fixes when it comes to making money on Pinterest. It requires dedication, patience, and a willingness to invest your time and energy.

It requires dedication, patience, and a willingness to invest your time and energy.

So, if you’re searching for the right way, here are five proven ways to actually make money on Pinterest in 2024!

1. Start a Blog Following Your Passion

What do you love doing?

You can create a blog about your favorite hobbies, like crafting, cooking, the latest fashion trends, or any topic that excites you.

If you find out that people are willing to spend money on the things you’re passionate about, then you can start blogging about those specific topics.

Bluehost WordPress

If you want to start a blog that can make you money, I highly recommend starting a self-hosted blog with Bluehost before you dive into Pinterest money-making strategies.

I know you might be considering starting a blog on a free blogging platform.

However, those platforms are only good for very basic blogs.

If you want to earn money through your blog by promoting products, services, or displaying ads, you need something more powerful and customizable to make it profitable.

Luckily, Bluehost is one of the most popular website hosting providers and powers millions of websites. It’s also the easiest and fastest option for beginners with no technical knowledge to build their blogs.

Ready, set, blog!

Learn how to start a blog, even if you have no experience.

2. Build Your Audience and Sell

Once you have created a blog with unique content, you can start reaching your desired audience on Pinterest. (And yes, there are multiple tasks to complete before reaching this stage — check out my beginner’s guide!)

There are various methods to sell on Pinterest.

Let’s say you’re someone who loves crafts and enjoys creating tutorials while also wanting to sell your handmade crafts.

Your ideal audience would be fellow craft lovers!

All you have to do is create a Pinterest account for your blog and write blog posts centered around crafts to attract that specific audience.

And make sure to continue doing this consistently!

Sell on Etsy

Once you have done this, you can start to design visually appealing Pinterest pins for those blog posts and pin them to your boards and group boards.

This will help you reach a larger number of users.

To put it simply, Pinterest acts as a platform where you can promote your blog posts. By doing so, you have the opportunity to generate income from the content you promote.

If you also plan on selling handicrafts or related products alongside your blog, you can try the Etsy marketplace.

3. Promote Affiliate Products

Affiliate marketing is all about selling products or services from other companies using your own promotional strategies.

And guess what? Bloggers can earn commissions for every sale they generate.

If you want to be an affiliate, there are plenty of programs available online.

One popular option is ShareASale!

With ShareASale, you can find products or services that are relevant to your blog’s topic and create content around them to promote on Pinterest.

You have a couple of options when it comes to promoting those products or services.

You can either post the affiliate links directly on your Pinterest pins or add them to your blog posts.

Just remember not to go overboard with the affiliate links on Pinterest.

My recommendation is to add the links to your blog posts and then promote your blog posts on Pinterest.

By doing this, you’ll be able to attract more readers to your blog.

And if they enjoyed your content, there’s a good chance they’ll click on your affiliate links.

So, don’t hesitate to explore the world of affiliate marketing. It’s a great way to monetize your blog and earn some extra income.

4. Display Ads on Your Blog

Once your blog starts growing, you have the opportunity to monetize it by displaying ads.

By doing so, you can earn money based on how your visitors interact with these ads. The most popular platforms for this purpose among bloggers are Google Adsense and

However, it’s important to note that to maximize your earnings through these methods, you will need a larger number of readers.


If you have a low visitor count, your earnings may not be sufficient even if you apply to these ad networks.

To attract more visitors to your blog and increase your chances of earning through ads, you can use Pinterest.

By creating and sharing creative pins on Pinterest, you can effectively drive more traffic to your blog.

5. Make Money By Teaching on Pinterest

If you’re really skilled in a particular area, you can create ebooks or online courses to earn a great passive income.

For example, if you’re good at making cakes, you can start creating video tutorials using online course platforms like Teachable.

Let’s take a look at how “Make Fabulous Cakes School” presents its courses:

Make Fabulous Cakes School

Maybe you have other talents like crafting, cooking, gardening, or home decor that you’re passionate about. Take your knowledge and create a course to help others in these areas.

To make the process easier, you can also use online video-making platforms like or WeVideo, instead of investing in expensive PC software.

Once your course is ready, you can share it on Pinterest and other social media platforms.

Remember, Pinterest is an excellent platform for individuals seeking new ideas.

Final Thoughts

Making money online can be challenging.

It takes effort and some initial investment.

These methods are not the only ones you can employ to earn money on Pinterest. As you become more engaged on the platform, you’ll also gain knowledge on how to create more strategies.

So, don’t give up!

Keep exploring new opportunities and learning from your own experiences.

how to make money on pinterest
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