10 Powerful AI Tools for Small Business Owners in 2024

Running a small business can be a real challenge.

With so much on your plate, from managing day-to-day tasks to figuring out how to grow, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

But what if I told you there’s a way that could make your life a little easier?

Yes, you guessed it – AI tools!

So, get ready to discover some awesome AI tools for small business owners in 2024.

Let’s jump right into it!

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1. Looka – AI-Powered Logo Maker

AI Tools for Small Business Owners: Looka AI Logo maker

Looka is an awesome AI tool that every small business owner should check out. It’s super handy for creating stunning logos and branding materials with minimal effort. It’s super easy to use, and you’ll be amazed at the professional-looking designs you can create.

Key features:

  • Easy-to-use logo maker
  • Customizable logo styles, colors, and symbols
  • Online logo editor for finalizing colors, fonts, and layouts
  • Delivers vector logo files and color variations
  • Includes a Brand Kit with all necessary logo assets
  • Suitable for any industry or company

Pricing: Looka offers logo design options with pricing starting at $20 for a basic logo package and $65 for a high-resolution logo package. Additionally, Looka’s brand kit subscription starts at $96 per year and comes with extras like business cards, email signatures, letterheads, and invoices.

2. Copy.ai

Copy.ai for small business

Copy.ai is an awesome AI-powered tool that helps you with your business copywriting needs. It’s perfect for small business owners who want a high-quality copy without the hassle. Whether you need catchy headlines, compelling product descriptions, or captivating social media posts, Copy.ai has got you covered.

Key features:

  • 2,000 free words per month to try out
  • 90+ tools and templates for streamlined content production
  • Support for 25+ languages
  • Blog Wizard tool for easy creation of high-quality blog posts
  • Save frequently used text for quick access and reuse

Pricing: with a basic plan that’s totally free, you can get up to 2,000 words per month. But, if you’re ready to go all-in, for just $36 per month (billed annually), you’ll get unlimited words and access to all of Copy.ai’s tools and templates.

3. Canva Magic Studio

Canva Magic Studio

Canva is an online graphic design tool that’s here to help you step up your design game. As a small business owner, you’ll be thrilled to know that they’ve got a bunch of AI tools that make it super easy to create stunning designs, all in one place, they call the Canva Magic Studio.

Key features:

  • Instantly create images from text with Text to Image
  • Easily remove backgrounds from images and videos with just one click
  • Describe your desired outcome with Text to Video and let it generate short videos that match your design
  • Transform words and shapes effortlessly with Magic Morph using a simple written prompt
  • Automatically enhance images with Magic Edit for a professional touch
  • Personalize your text with Magic Write for a unique touch
  • Quickly swap formats, languages, and dimensions with Magic Switch
  • Explore similar designs and refined templates with Magic Design
  • Effortlessly extend an image in any direction to capture the perfect shot

Pricing: Canva is free to use, even for some of their AI tools. However, if you want to enjoy the ultimate Canva experience, you might want to consider one of their Pro plans, which start at just $9.99 per month.

4. Notion AI

AI Tools for Small Business - Notion AI

Notion is the ultimate all-in-one space for managing your tasks, tracking projects, creating to-do lists, and even Wikis – all in one centralized platform. Notion AI takes it to the next level by integrating AI into the mix. This innovative feature takes your writing experience to the next level by providing helpful suggestions and guidance along the way.

Key features:

  • Summarize key points from written content
  • Generate ideas through brainstorming
  • Create outlines for blog posts and emails
  • Convert meeting notes into actionable items
  • Assist with research and problem-solving
  • Fix grammar, spelling, tone, and suggest synonyms

Pricing: Notion offers a free version, which is more than enough for most small business owners. However, if you want additional features, you can opt for their premium plans that start at just $8 per user per month. And for just $10 per month, you can access the power of Notion AI.

5. 2short.ai


2short.ai is the go-to AI tool for small business owners who want to make the most out of their videos. With just a few simple steps, this user-friendly tool can extract the best moments from your YouTube videos and turn them into engaging short clips that help you drive views and subscribers.

Key features:

  • Facial tracking technology to keep your active speakers in the spotlight at all times.
  • Easily add animated subtitles with just one click.
  • Create shorts for any platform, thanks to support for vertical, square, and horizontal aspect ratios.
  • Take advantage of advanced editing and cropping options.
  • Customize your exported videos by adding brand logos and overlays.

Pricing: you can enjoy 15 minutes of AI video analysis per month for free. If you need more, their paid plans start at just $9.90 per month for 5 hours of AI video analysis.

6. ChatGPT


ChatGPT is an amazing AI tool for small business owners like you. Developed by OpenAI, this chatbot uses natural language processing to engage in human-like conversations. You can ask questions, get responses, and even generate various types of written content such as product descriptions, social media posts, essays, code, emails, and more.

Key features:

  • Write marketing content for emails, blog posts, taglines, and social media
  • Come up with new ideas and offer a fresh perspective
  • Assist in composing customer service emails and automating responses
  • Develop financial reports, plans, and forecasts
  • Conduct market research and competitive analysis for valuable insights
  • Assist with language translation

Pricing: it’s free to use. But if you want some extra perks, there’s also a subscription plan called ChatGPT Plus for $20 per month.

7. Lyro AI

Lyro AI

Lyro AI is a tool for small business owners who are looking to enhance their customer support capacity without the need for extra hiring. This is a virtual support agent available on Tidio that can quickly handle customer problems and inquiries. Plus, it learns from your support content without any training required, making it a cost-effective solution for small business owners.

Key features:

  • Available on Tidio and can be seamlessly integrated with other customer service tools
  • Ability to learn from your support content without the need for training
  • Capable of understanding the intention behind customer questions and utilizing your support content to produce personalized responses
  • Provides comprehensive answers by leveraging your support content for detailed information

Pricing: if you’re on any Tidio plan, you’ll get 50 Lyro conversations for free. But if you want access to more conversations, you can opt for the Lyro plan starting at just $39 per month.

8. 10Web


10Web is an awesome tool that is perfect for all kinds of businesses, whether you’re running an online store, a web agency, or even just freelancing. The best part is that it’s powered by AI and uses WordPress to create a fully functional website without any coding skills or technical expertise.

Key features:

  • Generate personalized content and images for your business by answering a few questions with AI
  • Seamlessly migrate with just one click using the automated process.
  • Benefit from high-performance hosting by Google Cloud
  • Customize your website effortlessly with the drag-and-drop editor
  • Add pages to your website using AI
  • Easily recreate any website by simply inserting the homepage URL

Pricing: for simple business websites, it starts at just $10 per month, while e-commerce and agency plans start at $10 and $24 per month.

9. Feedhive


Feedhive is a social media management tool that is perfect for small business owners. With its AI-powered features, it allows you to effortlessly create, schedule, publish, and manage your social media content. And the best part? You don’t have to worry about predicting post-performance because Feedhive can do it for you.

Key features:

  • Visually plan and schedule your content with the scheduling tool
  • Engage directly with your followers from the Social Inbox in FeedHive
  • Use the AI Writing Assistant for assistance
  • Receive suggestions from FeedHive’s AI on how to increase your chances of going viral
  • Predict the performance of your posts with the help of AI
  • Analyze your follower’s activity and engagement to determine the best times to post
  • Generate ideas with AI assistance to get started
  • Collaborate with your team and clients by inviting them to collaborate

Pricing: for individual content creators, the Creator plan is just $19/month. If you’re a brand, the Brand plan is available for $29/month. And for larger businesses, there’s the Business plan at $99/month and the Agency plan at $299/month.

10. PDF.ai


PDF.ai is a fantastic tool for small business owners looking to streamline their operations. With PDF.ai, you can chat with any PDF document, making it easy to interact with legal agreements, financial reports, and more. This tool allows you to ask questions, get summaries, and find the information you need quickly and effortlessly. If your business deals with a lot of PDF files, PDF.ai is a must-have.

Key features:

  • PDF documents can be effortlessly uploaded for chatting purposes
  • Chat functionality includes the ability to ask questions, receive summaries, find information, and more
  • Responses are supported by sources extracted from the uploaded document
  • A Chrome extension is available to chat with any PDF file, whether external or local, directly from your browser
  • Integration with Google Drive and Dropbox enables direct chatting with PDFs

Pricing: you can upload one PDF file, up to 10 MB in size, for free. For even more PDF uploads, they have a premium plan starting at just $15 per month.


So there you have it! AI tools can be a game-changer for small business owners like you.

With the right AI tools by your side, you can streamline processes, boost productivity, and ultimately drive growth.

Don’t be afraid to dive in and find the perfect tools that align with your business needs.

It could be a decision you won’t regret.

Happy AI tool hunting!

AI Tools for Small Business
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