5 Best Password Ideas to Create a Strong Password

Are you looking for password ideas?

A strong password can be one of the simplest steps to protect your digital life.

But the problem is, passwords are difficult to remember. That’s why many people use simple passwords like “123456” and “password123.” If you choose a weak password, crackers can easily break into your accounts.

So, we have to create a strong password without using a common one.

That’s why we need powerful password ideas.

Here’s how to create a strong password plus things to do to make your secure your digital life!

How to Create a Strong Password

How many passwords do you have? Three or more?

These statistics show that 51% of people use the same passwords for both their work and personal accounts and it only takes 10 minutes to crack a lowercase password that is six characters long.

Well, If you are using a weak password for all of your accounts makes it easy for stealers to get into your accounts just in seconds.

So, here are 5 password ideas and tips to make your passwords stronger or replace your old ones.

1. Don’t use any words identifying you

We are using passwords to open the computer log on to favorite websites and get works done. Using the proper nouns, including your parent’s name, dog’s name, keyboard patterns (like qwerty), relations, or birthdays are also easy to guess.

So, never use a password with real words or words describing you.

2. Use complex characters with letters

Make it a minimum of eight to ten characters for your password. Complex passwords are difficult to find. Always create complex ones but could be easy to memorize. You can use different types of characters, mixing lower and uppercase letters, symbols, and numbers.

3. Don’t use the same password for multiple accounts

As I previously mentioned, use a unique and strong password for each separate account. Yes, it’s not easy to remember but thinks twice about your data. If you use the same password for multiple accounts, then all of your social accounts are at a risk.

4. Use phrases as a password

You can make a password long with a phrase you love, add symbols, use lowercase, and uppercase randomly, add numbers in your password, Try making it big memorable.

You can make it something like this: “my brother changed his hobby to football 3 years ago” to something like this:


You can now add some symbols and lower and uppercase letters to make it hard to guess like this:


If you’re not sure your password is strong enough, simply use this password checker tool by Kaspersky to check it out.

5. Create a formula

If you are a person like in a mathematical mind, then creating a password on the formula is another great option to make a strong password.

It’s not easy to remember for everyone, but these passwords of this form can be solid because it was hard to guess.

Final Thoughts on Password Ideas

Keep updating your passwords always, although most websites were offering extra security levels with two steps verification process as well.

If you were having a lot of passwords, you could manage them were in one place. There are many platforms like Bitwarden to manage your passwords. It’s free to use and also helps you generate strong passwords seamlessly.

Furthermore, consider using a VPN.

It can offer you a secure and anonymous environment for internet surfing.

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Password Ideas
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