How to Create a Website With Canva (The Easiest Way)

Ready to learn how to create a website with Canva?

These websites are going to be super easy so anyone with a Canva account can follow this guide to create a simple website or landing page for your small business, portfolio, event, or anything else you want.

Let’s get into the guide!

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What Types of Websites You Can Create With Canva?

Put simply, the website or landing page you will create with Canva will not replace your main website.

It only allows you to create a simple website for a small purpose by accessing their pre-made website templates, and media libraries, uploading your own images, embedding videos, and some other appealing features.

How to Create a Website With Canva

Let’s create your website with Canva!

How to Create a Website With Canva

Canva is offering some free website templates and some others are available only to Canva PRO users.

If you’re using a free account you can start with a blank template or you can try any template from the Canva library.


Click here to get your Canva PRO 30-day free trial to unlock all premium templates for free

Canva Website Templates

First, choose one of the templates and click click on the “Customize this template” button to start customizing.

Choose a Canva Website Template


Now, your template will open up in the Canva editor so you can start customizing it with your own brand colors, images, and elements until you’re happy with it.

The left sidebar of the Canva editor provides you with all the resources for your website creation and the top bar allows you to edit your elements one by one.

With the help of the bottom bar, you can add new pages, and it lets you switch between each page to customize them as you want.

Canva Website Editor

After you’ve done all the customizations, you can add some external links to your website.


In this example, I’ve placed a “Contact Me” button so I need to provide an external link to the contact form or something else.

If you’re looking for a way to connect with your website users, you can use free form builders like to create forms to take product orders, bookings, registrations, etc.

Once you’ve created a form with Jotform, you can simply add that form link to your Canva website.

To create a link, select any element or text and click the “link icon” at the top toolbar, and put your external link there.

Add Links in Canva


Now it’s time to get a domain name for your website. Click the “Publish as Website” button at the upper right corner of the Canva editor and it will prompt a small popup with two options.

Publish Canva Websites

The big news is that Canva now supports registering new domains so you can get your dream domain name registered with them or you can continue with their free domain.

Connect a Domain Name to Canva Website

If you select to use their free domain, it will look something like and it doesn’t cost you a cent.

If you want to purchase a new domain It will look something like

Choose your preferred way and click “Continue” and follow the instruction to get your domain name.


After all, you can now publish your website to share it with your family, friends, and all the internet users.

Give your website a description or add a password and simply hit the “Publish” button to make it live!

Publish Canva Websites With a Free Canva Domain

And there you go!

Now you can share your website with others and they can view your website from any device.

Canva Final Website

Final Thoughts

Canva will save you tons of time and help you design anything yourself.

But the real game-changer is Canva PRO.

It provides you with dozen of pre-made templates for every kind of design that needs to help you grow your business and increase your productivity by creating visual content with a range of premium tools.

It’s really worth it.

Let me know your thoughts and experience with creating a website with Canva.

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How to Create a Website With Canva
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      • Thanks, I guess just linking like a gmail address to my website would probably work as I would purchase the domain through Canva. I'm becoming a freelance copywriter & definitely need an email that will link to me easily & would prefer it be from the website but, Do you think that would work fine through a Canva domain website to just link an email?

        • For smaller purposes, Canva websites are a good option. As I mentioned before, Jotform can be used to create contact forms for your website as well. However, if you need to create a website for work, I suggest trying one of the website builders listed in this article:

    • This guide only shows you how to make a website inside Canva using their templates. Those websites will be handled by Canva. But that might be not a practical solution for a business website. if you want to make a full-featured website, you can simply follow our guide here:

    • Hi, Nancy. If you need a mobile-friendly design you have to use one of the “Bio-Link Websites” or “Mobile-First Websites” templates. But every template is not unacceptable when you need a website for both Desktop and Mobile use. These templates will not replace your main website.


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