How to Use IFTTT to Automate Your Tasks

How to use IFTTT? What is it? If you’re an owner of any kind of online business, student, teacher, blogger or someone else who used an Internet service, how do you feel about your daily process? In that situation, IFTTT can help you to balance your life and business.

For example, you can say thanks to the new Twitter follower for following you with a welcome note. That’s will help you to get more engagements with your new followers. Also, imagine how your followers get happier with that.

IFTTT stands for If This Then That and it’s completely free to make your tasks more productive and automating your business.

So, with my IFTTT experience, it helps a lot to automate my tasks clearly. Even with my social media profiles. Let’s find out how to use IFTTT!

How to Use IFTTT

It’s easy to set up just like a sign up on social media. Just go to the IFTTT website, click the Sign-Up link and enter the email and password you’d like to use. Otherwise, you can use Facebook or Google login to signup on IFTTT easily.

How to Use IFTTT to Automate Your Life and Business

After you sign up they will ask you about your personalized recommendations. Pick yours and click “Continue” to move on.

Now you can explore anything to automate your tasks/services as you want. If you choose any one of connection on IFTTT that called an Applet. So, That is the connection that connects your tasks to perform automation between your apps or devices.


IFTTT has mobile applications and also you can use the website. If you’re using an Android device download the IFTTT App from Google Play or Download it to your iOS device from the Apps Store.

Applets are free to use and you have to connect your social platform accounts or device operating accounts to create automation between your tasks. For example, If you want to Tweet your Facebook status update, you have to connect your both Facebook and Twitter accounts to set up your applet.

IFTTT Applet Facebook to Twitter

Once you find your relevant applet, just Turn On to make it alive. It will ask you to connect your Facebook account and Twitter to get started with the connection.

That’s it! Go to “My Applets” section on IFTTT to see is your applet is alive. Also, you can use the Activity section to see how your applets are running without any issues. It will show you an easy timeline with your all applets on IFTTT.

Creating a New Applet

There are a lot of applets already created on IFTTT. Also, they nicely categorized the applets for people needs such as applets for:

However, if you want to create an Applet you own its easy to do. Click on your name on the right top corner on IFTTT website and click “New Applet“.

Create New Applet of IFTTT

Simply click on “+this” to choose a service to start your connection. For example, I’m going to make an applet to post a specific tweet on my twitter account in a specific time.

For that connection, I need Date & Time service and Twitter service. So, I have to click and choose Date & Time from the services list.

Connect Time On IFTTT

In these steps, I was chosen to post a tweet as on every day at 6 am. Now, I’m good to go with adding the next service (Twitter). Click on “+that” and choose your second service to build the applet. I will choose Twitter for that example to create an automation post.

Once you complete your connection then click on “Create Action”. That’s it! I hope you will be happy with the IFTTT. It’s easy and really helpful for everyone. If this new to you, don’t leave without sharing this someone to know about how to use IFTTT too.

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  1. I keep thinking I am going to set up some cool automations on this platform or on zapier, but every time I try to use it, it is so confusing to set up that I end up doing things manually (the old fashioned way). I will bookmark this post and see if I have better luck if I follow a post directly. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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