8 Best Canva Alternatives for Non-Designers

Looking for one of the best Canva alternatives to speed up your workflow?

Getting started in designing graphics for your needs can be intimidating, but there are a lot of online tools and resources that can lead you to stand out. Not only is Canva, an amazing platform to design anything, but there are plenty of best alternatives as well.

In this article, We’ll go through each one of these in turn and provide some added features and pricing that will help you choose the best Canva alternative in 2021.

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Best Canva Alternatives in 2021

As a beginner, you may need to create something that is unique. Depending on your ideas, skills, and software you used, it will lead to creating something that is not as good or the best it could be.

While Canva is a free online design tool for marketers, web designers, students, teachers, and anyone who needs an amazing drag-and-drop content creation inspiration, you might be interested in looking for an alternative to Canva.

Guess what — there are plenty of Canva alternatives you can try out in 2021.

Based on popularity and our findings, We’ve rounded up a list of the 8 best alternatives to Canva for non-designers. You can decide which of the alternatives are right for you!

Let’s get on the list!

1. Crello

Crello - Best Free Canva Alternatives

Crello is a graphic design tool with a similar interface to Canva. The interface is very straightforward and clearly explained. Crello is a place where you can easily choose from thousands of templates to help you create attractive graphics for your marketing, social media, blogs, and or any other purpose in minutes.

Just like in Canva, it comes with a huge Media Library, Animations, Content Branding, Background Remover, Image Resizer, Stickers, and more to try.

Crello’s free plan is great if you want to create few designs for your social media, blog, or website but it limits it to 5 design downloads per month within access to limited features. However, you can access 50,000+ ready-made static and animated templates for your designs. There are no limits to the number of designs, templates, and royalty-free content you can download with Crello Pro.

Reasons to try Crello:

  • Crello offers thousands of design templates in a variety of formats.
  • Easy access to 200M+ royalty-free stock files from Depositphotos.
  • Creative design objects including electronics, stickers, badges, illustrations and shapes.
  • Create a brand kit by adding your fonts, color palettes, and logos.
  • Bunch of amazing photo filters.
  • Invite members to team and design together in Crello Pro.

Crello pricing:

2. Pixelied


Pixelied is best suits for anyone who wants to get an instant, powerful design library with no learning curve. It helps you to create designs as a superb designer without exerting much effort.

It allows you to choose templates from a variety of theme colors, fonts, and patterns for your designs. The tools are not only powerful but extremely easy to use.

Pixelied is a free-to-use design tool but with few limitations. However, if you start with Pixelied Pro, you can easily access their limitless features like unlimited ready-made templates, backgrounds remover, beautiful mockups to make things look more orderly or simple among other remarkable features.

Reasons to try Pixelied:

  • Pixelied offers thousands of ready-made templates.
  • Easy access for 5+ millions of stock photos with graphic design tools.
  • Access to advanced tools such as text manipulation, filters and effects.
  • Remove image background in a single click.
  • Allows you to create workspace for teams.
  • Easy to use product mockups.

Pixelied pricing:

3. Stencil


If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, streamlined way to create high-quality designs to use in your projects, Stencil could be just what you need. This was built with beginners in mind, so there is an intuitive user interface to set up your graphic design.

Stencil has fewer template designs comparing with the other Canva alternatives on our list. But it comes with 5 million royalty-free photos and a wealth of useful features such as icons, graphics, Google web fonts, a collection of quotes and easy-to-use browser Addons, and much more.

This has been built to help social media marketers create visually appealing social media posts and schedule them with Buffer in seconds. You can rapidly build and directly publish high-quality social media posts on your favorite platform.

Reasons to try Stencil:

  • Access to millions of photos and icons.
  • Preview and share your designs on your favourite social media platform even with Buffer.
  • Instant image resizing.
  • Simple Color Picker tool to save your favorite colors.
  • Easy to use browser addon for Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Stencil pricing:

  • Stencil Free Plan: Free forever (Limited access)
  • PRO Plan: $15/month
  • Unlimited Plan: $20/month

4. Snappa


Snappa is another alternative to Canva that aims to help non-designers kickstart their design experience by giving them the tools to create graphics for social media, ads, blogs, and emails.

If you’re looking for an entry-level tool, then Snappa should do the best. Their basic package comes with plenty of templates and features for branding and general use. You can create your own unique designs by adding text, graphics, and effects according to your purpose.

It’s free to use but with few limitations. For free users may only download two images per month and couldn’t directly share them with social media. The premium edition has a lot more features including unlimited downloads, social media sharing, background remover, and many features for teams.

Reasons to try Snappa:

  • 6,000+ design templates.
  • 5 Million+ photos and graphics for designs.
  • Easy Social media integrations even via Buffer.
  • Remove image backgrounds in seconds.
  • Collaborating on designs with a team under one team subscription.

Snappa pricing:

  • Snappa Starter Plan: Free (3 downloads per month)
  • PRO Plan: $15/month
  • Team Plan: $30/month

5. Placeit by Envato

Placeit by Envato

Placeit is one of the best graphic design platforms we’ve come across. If you design products or trying to grow an online business, you should try Placeit. They have one of the most extensive template libraries out there for content creation, and their prices are very affordable.

It offers its full design power to designers to create clean and consistent visual styles that will stand out even among their competitors’ work.

Placeit is a platform owned by Envato. But Envato Elements and Placeit are two different platforms. Both offer great templates for logo designing, video making, mockup generating, and many more templates. But Placeit lets you edit the templates directly in your browser​.

Whatever you choose from these two services with your business in mind, the end result would be highly successful.

Reasons to try Placeit:

  • Well-crafted thousands of free templates.
  • A larger collection of Mockups.
  • Professional logo design templates for any industry.
  • Easy-to-edit video templates for YouTube and Twitch.
  • One single subscription gives you access to unlimited Mockups, Designs, Logos, and Videos templates.

Placeit pricing:

  • Placeit Free Account: Free to access (Limited free library)
  • Single Download: From $2.99 (Per download)
  • Monthly Unlimited: $14.95/month

6. PicsArt


PicsArt is probably one of the most well-known and widely used free photo editing apps out there. If you’re looking for a professional-looking editor with advanced editing tools and a professional community, you should give this a shot.

What most people don’t know, is that it comes with an impressive list of amazing photo and video editing features. If you dig deeper into the PicsArt, you’ll discover new ways to edit your existing photos without having any other third-party software.

With PicsArt’s gold subscription, you can instantly start with a design template, add text and apply effects like Double Exposure, Pixel Stretch, Photo Overlays, Hair Color, and many more to try alone. Not only that, this has all kinds of stickers, a photo library, shapes, and a great fonts collection that comes with the subscription.

Reasons to try PicsArt:

  • Ready-to-use templates for social media, business, emails, blogs, and memes.
  • A larger photo library and sticker library.
  • Photo Retouching with advanced Beautify tool.
  • Impressive editing tools including background and object remover.
  • Full access to every premium tool, feature, and content available on mobile Picsart App and Web.

PicsArt pricing:

  • PicsArt Free: Free to use (Basic editing tools)
  • Gold Plan: $55.99/year (7-day free trial included)

7. PicMonkey


You might not have heard of PicMonkey, but it’s already one of the most popular photo editors around. Why? Because it’s easy to use, and it has easy configuration options so that new users can get up and running as quickly as possible.

It’s got an awesome library of bright, colorful templates and editing tools that will help you spice up your photos, adding unique effects to almost any scene insight.

Comparing with Canva, this also has a lot of neat tools for adding text, editing photos, and layouts section helps you super-easy to navigate with each part of your design. PicMonkey gives you a free 7-day trial so you can see if it’s worth giving up your current photo service. After the free trial period, and if you like what you see, the PicMonkey Pro account will be continued for you automatically.

Reasons to try PicMonkey:

  • A pack of editing tools for crop, resize, sharpen, adjust colors, and change exposure and background eraser.
  • Dozens of templates to make social posts, logos, infographics, and more.
  • Larger media library with photos and videos.
  • Drawing tools to doodle on designs.
  • Brand kit to store your fonts, logos, colors, and graphics.

PicMonkey pricing:

  • PicMonkey Free: Free to use (Needs a subscription to download)
  • Basic Plan: $7.99/month
  • Pro Plan: $12.99/month
  • Business Plan: $23/month

8. DesignBold


DesignBold is an excellent platform to design creatives for your marketing materials, events, invitation cards, documents, blogs, ebooks, and more. You can choose from over 20,000 templates and over 1 million resources to make unique and appealing designs for anything.

Once you’ve created an account, it lets you create, save and share designs with others, but you are limited to choosing from a set of templates on the free plan. Once you upgrade to the pro version, you will be able to use unlimited personal storage in your library along with unlimited downloads for all of your designs.

They also let you build a Brand Kit that helps you apply visual elements in a way that suits you best. This can be a great addition if you want to offer a creative glance into your brand.

Reasons to try DesignBold:

  • Media library with 400,000+ Free Stock Photos.
  • Quick background removal tool inside the editor.
  • Fast resize experience with a one-click tool.
  • Easily integrate photos from your social profiles.
  • Share/view or edit access to designs with a team or outside the team through a link.

DesignBold pricing:

Wrapping It Up

When you go to the internet and look for alternative versions of products you already know and love, you will find alternative versions of literally everything. But finding great alternatives is sometimes hard.

If you ask us, the best and cheapest alternative to Canva (by far!) is Crello.

By itself, it’s a nice tool to try.

However, each Canva alternative has plenty of free options but if you really want something that’s going to add value to your work, then switching to a Pro plan is really worth it.

Now it’s over to you — which of the best Canva alternative that right for you? What is your experience? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Canva Alternatives
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