How to See Sent Friend Requests on Facebook

Facebook is the biggest social media platform and a great way to reach people and reconnect with old friends and family.

However, If you’ve sent too many Facebook requests, you might be want to cancel those requests that are not been answered for a long time.

If you’re wondering how to see sent friend requests on Facebook, now you can simply view all of them from your Facebook App and Web.

Let’s find out how to do it in 2021!

How to See Sent Friend Requests on the Facebook App

How to See Sent Friend Requests on the Facebook App

To view your sent Friend Requests using the Facebook Mobile app, make sure that you’ve installed the latest version of the Facebook App.

Just follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Facebook app and tap the Menu icon.
  2. Select “Friends” from the menu.
  3. Tap “See All” next to the Friend Requests.
  4. Tap “Triple dots” at the top of the Friend Requests.
  5. Tap “View Sent Friend Requests” and that’s it!

This process is similar for both iOS and Android devices. After you find the list you can cancel each sent friend request one by one.

Update for 2021: If you can’t find your sent friends requests with the above steps, you can use this link to view all sent requests from your mobile web browser:

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How to See Sent Friend Requests on Facebook on Desktop

If you’re using Facebook on your desktop web browser, You already notice that Facebook has released a new user interface back a few months ago.

With this new one, some Facebook features and settings have been moved into some new sections. So we need a few minutes to figure out everything.

To see sent friend requests on Facebook, Go to Facebook and click the “Friends” from the left sidebar.

Sent Friend Requests Home

After that, click “View Sent Request” from the left sidebar.

Sent Friend Requests Desktop

Wait for a few seconds and a popup will appear with your sent friend requests so you will be able to cancel one by one.

Sent Friend Requests

That’s it!

I hope you’d found your all sent friend requests on Facebook. If this guide really helped you, don’t forget to hit the below social share buttons to help someone like you!

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11 thoughts on “How to See Sent Friend Requests on Facebook”

      • Hi,
        On my app the 3 dots don’t appear. Not on my phone nor on my desktop. Further more my pages don’t look exactly the same as the sample above. Tried to refresh the app but I have the latest available version. So what am I missing?

        • I’ve no idea why it’s not available for some users. But I found something through the app, that might be work for you.

          Go to your profile > Open up the activity log (look for 3 dots under your profile picture) > Connections > Sent friend requests.


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