How to Create a Good Looking Etsy Shop Logo in Minutes

Want to create a DIY Etsy shop logo?

If you want to sell your own handmade products online, starting an Etsy shop is maybe the best answer for you. But there is something important that you need to consider before opening an Etsy shop. Your Etsy shop logo!

A logo design can cost you a little high because the process of designing a top-quality logo takes time and ideas, and also the designer’s talent to help a business succeed.

However, if you’re not going to choose that option, what about creating a logo yourself. A DIY solution?

Luckily these days there is a lot of logo making sites out there to create a logo for any kind of business in a few steps.

Let’s find out how to create an Etsy shop logo without any design experience using the easy-to-use AI-powered branding and design platform, Tailor Brands.

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What is Tailor Brands?

Tailor Brands is an AI-powered logo making and branding platform that can help you to succeed in your business. In fact, it’s also a branding platform for over 14 million users worldwide.

With Tailor Brands, you’ll never need any design experience to create your Etsy shop logo. And not only that, it provides you with all the tools that you will need to start building a full brand identity for any kind of business.

Create Your Etsy Shop Logo With Tailor Brands

As the first step, you have to provide your Etsy shop name and a tagline for your new logo. If you’re creating a logo for another purpose, you can use your name, business name, or website, or anything you want to see in your logo.

Click here to head over to Tailor Brands, enter your logo name and click “Design” button

Tailor Brands Brand Esty Shop Logo Design

After you’ve entered your logo texts, you have to choose what you’re working on as your preferred meaning purpose of creating your logo. In this case, you can choose the “I Sell Products” option.

Tailor Brands Etsy Shop Logo - Choose what you're working on

In this step, you need to provide the industry that you’re working on to get better logo designs for your logo from Tailor Brands. When you entered the text as “Craft” it will start showing you related suggestions.

Tailor Brands - Choose industry

Now, you have to select your blog logo design type. If you want both text and icon, you need to choose an icon-based logo.

Tailor brands Logo types

If you select icon-based as your logo design type, you can manually choose 5 favorite icons to generate more logo suggestions.

Tailor Brands Icon List

Select at least 3 font types you mostly like to define the look and feel of your new logo and click “Next“.

How to Create a Good Looking Etsy Shop Logo in Minutes 1

Finally, Tailor Brands will produce the best logo designs for your logo based on the icons, fonts, and information you have given to them.

You can click on “Customize” if you want to do some color changes or customization or click “Love it” to continue to purchase and download your Etsy shop logo.

Craft Logo

When you choose to customize your logo, Tailor Brands editor will provide you the easy-to-use customization options to change the look and feel of your logo. The editors look beginner-friendly so you don’t need to worry that,

When you are all done, simply click the “Finish” button and it will take you to the branding studio section at Tailor Brands.

 Tailor Brands Etsy Logo

In this section, you can do many things to start building your branding with Tailor Brands. All these tools are easy to use with your logo and all thing will be in your hands.

Download Etsy Shop Logo

You can simply click on the “Downloads” button to download your final logo to your device storage or purchase a high-quality logo version with a monthly subscription starting at $3.99/month (billed annually).

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Tailor Brands basic plan includes:

  • High-quality logo sizes
  • Social media logo sizes
  • Logo resizer
  • Graphic design tool
  • Access to stock photos and icons
  • Mini website builder and you can easily able connect your site to any domain you already own.

One of the best things about their service is that you can cancel your plan at any time, and your logo will always remain yours!

TailorBrands Coupon Code

Otherwise, if you’re not going to select an annual plan, they also offer monthly billing plans for you starting at $9.99/month.

Tailor Brands Graphic Design Tool

With the help of the Graphic design tool at Tailor Brands, you can create beautiful custom-themed designs to grow your social media presence and print gift certificates, cards, and lots more.

Tailor Brands Graphics Editor

This will be a good one to treat your Etsy shop buyers with some visual addition.

Tailor Brands Mini Website Builder

If you’re looking for a way to create a simple website for your business, you can do it with your Tailor Brands subscription with a few clicks. You can start creating it by choosing a template or Tailor Brands let automatically create it for you.

Tailor Brands Website Builder

Your website will be able to view on any device but remember that it’s just a simple website and your features will be depending on what plan you’d be choosing on Tailor Brands.

However, if you’re planning to start a fully functional website with a blog instead of using this mini-website builder, you can start a WordPress website by following the guide here.

Ready to Create Your Etsy Shop Logo?

After all of that, you might be saying, “Wow, there’s a lot of things.” In fact, Tailor Brands will be a great platform for anyone who struggles with designing things.

Etsy is a great place to sell, and Tailor Brands will be the place for you to treat your buyers visually regardless of your design experience level.

Tailor Brands subscription is worth the price with the features they offer and its beginner-friendly interface is easy-to-use. You can start creating and customizing it completely free and only you have to pay if you love your final design.

So, did you create your Etsy shop logo? what do you think about Tailor Brands? Feel free to leave your comments below.

Don’t forget to hit the social share buttons below to help other Etsy shop fellows beginners to help them creating their logos!

Happy selling!

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