8 Best Udemy Alternatives to Try in 2024

If you’re someone who loves to learn and grow, online learning platforms like Udemy have been a go-to for many.

But what if you’re looking for something different? Something new and exciting to spice up your learning experience?

Well, your search ends here!

We have done the digging for you and uncovered the best Udemy alternatives (with some sweet extended free trials) that you can consider trying out in 2024.

So don’t go anywhere – keep reading!

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1. Coursera

Coursera is one of the best Udemy alternatives to consider, especially for those looking for academic and professional development courses.

Coursera Homepage

It offers over 7,000 diverse courses, projects, specializations, and professional programs across various domains such as data science and business, health, personal development, and more.

What’s great about Coursera is that they provide accredited certificates upon course completion, adding value to your professional profile. The platform ensures high-quality teaching as their courses are taught by professionals from well-known institutions, such as Yale, Michigan, Stanford, Google, and IBM.

Plus, they even have some free courses available – perfect for those on a budget or just wanting to explore new topics without commitment.

Pricing: Coursera offers individual course purchases as well as subscription plans starting at just $59 per month with a 7-day trial included.

2. Skillshare

Skillshare offers more than 35,000 online classes covering a wide range of creative subjects such as design, writing, photography, and illustration. It’s a great platform for people who are passionate about exploring their creativity through learning new skills.

Skillshare Online Classes List

This isn’t just a place for passive learning; It’s a lively center that focuses on getting you involved in cool stuff like hands-on class projects. Each class is thoughtfully structured to be interesting and simple to understand, with a big focus on learning by doing projects to help you build useful skills.

It’s a place where you can meet others who share your interests, work on projects, and showcase their work among a group of like-minded peers.

Pricing: Skillshare offers an affordable subscription plan with a 7-day free trial period, but as a TalkBitz reader, you get a 30-day free trial. After that, you can choose to continue your membership at the pricing available in your region.

3. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning, previously known as Lynda, is a leading online learning platform renowned for its extensive collection of video courses. These courses are expertly crafted and taught by industry professionals, covering topics ranging from software and creative skills to business expertise.

LinkedIn Learning All Online Courses List

For businesses, LinkedIn Learning offers, personalized suggestions on what to learn, and custom paths for learning, and it connects smoothly with your LinkedIn profile.

This means companies can tailor the learning experience to match exactly what their employees need to learn and the career paths they want to follow. It helps businesses grow by making sure their employees are learning things that will help them succeed in their business objectives.

To elevate skills for personal and professional growth, LinkedIn Learning also provides a tailored learning experience for individuals. This personalized method is meant to help individuals develop and get skills specifically useful for their career growth.

Pricing: LinkedIn Learning offers personalized pricing to meet your specific needs, and you can even get started with a free 1-month trial. The cost depends on where you are located and the currency in use in that region.

4. Udacity

Udacity is another top educational website that focuses on giving you the skills you need to pursue your dream career. They offer lots of online courses known as Nanodegree Programs covering a wide range of topics.

Udacity catalog

Udacity specializes in tech-related courses such as software development and data analytics to artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity, robotics, and more.

In other words, these programs are designed to equip learners with valuable practical skills in the field of technology. With a focus on in-demand skills, Udacity’s courses are led by industry professionals who blend tech education with hands-on projects and guidance to inspire imaginative problem-solving for driving innovation.

Pricing: You can choose between a monthly subscription at $249 per month or a 4-month subscription plan for $846. Udacity mentions that this is the average time it takes to complete a Nanodegree program.

5. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization that was started back in 2006 by Sal Khan. The whole idea is to give everyone, no matter where they are, a top-notch education without any cost.

Khan Academy Homepage

They’ve got all kinds of learning stuff for people of any age, like free online resources for students. There are over 10,000 videos on all kinds of things like math, science, history, or anything else you’re interested in!

Khan Academy’s resources are designed to make complex concepts easier to grasp, ensuring a friendly learning experience tailored to your pace and style.

Pricing: Khan Academy is free to use.

6. Codecademy

Codecademy is an awesome online platform where you can access free coding classes in more than 12 different programming languages. It’s really great for anyone looking to learn how to code. Such as Python and Java to Go, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, C++, C#, Swift, HTML, and even C.

Codecademy courses list

They also offer hands-on learning experience with the latest developer tools, hands-on coding environments, and a variety of courses in AI, web development, data science, and more. The courses are made to match what employers are looking for in today’s job market.

On top of that, Codecademy provides career-focused paths, tools to assess your skills, and projects that test what you’ve learned – all geared toward getting you ready for real coding challenges and job opportunities in the working world.

Pricing: You can start learning something new for free on Codecademy with their Basic Plan. If you upgrade to Codecademy Plus at $11.99 per month, billed annually, you’ll unlock over 300 structured courses, projects, quizzes, and more.

7. edX

edX is an online education platform that offers a whole bunch of courses, over 3500 covering everything from computer science, Quantum Computing, Biomedical Engineering, Business Analysis, Fashion, Software Engineering, language learning, and more

All online courses on edX

What’s neat is that they team up with 260+ Content Partners, including leading universities and organizations to bring you all these options. edX has a bunch of different educational options for people like professional certificates, Master’s Degrees, and Bachelor’s Degrees.

Plus, they offer certificates for completing courses, so it’s great for boosting your resume or just expanding your knowledge on topics that interest you.

Pricing: If you’re thinking about taking a course on edX and want to get a certificate at the end, there’s usually a fee for that. The cost can be different for each course.

8. Alison

Alison is this awesome website that gives everyone access to free online courses to help you advance in your career, no matter where they are in the world.


There are over 8 million people who have graduated from Alison, and they offer all kinds of courses like business analytics, healthcare, graphic design, management, and more.

Plus, they’ve got tools to help you with your career like personality tests and help building your resume. It’s a great place to learn new skills and great for anyone who wants to level up in their job or switch career paths altogether.

Alison also offers you the chance to get certificates for free after finishing their courses. It’s a great way to show off what you’ve learned and prove that you’re good at specific subjects or areas.

Pricing: Even though the courses are free, there will be ads as part of your learning experience.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! These 8 alternatives to Udemy offer a wide range of courses and learning experiences for anyone looking to expand their knowledge.

For those who prefer a wide range of university-level courses and certificates, Coursera or edX would be excellent choices.

If you’re more interested in creative arts and design classes, Skillshare is the way to go. (you get an extra long free trial too!)

LinkedIn Learning is perfect for professionals seeking career development resources from industry experts while Udacity specializes in tech-related nanodegree programs suitable for aspiring developers and IT enthusiasts.

Khan Academy remains ideal for students at all levels with its extensive library covering various subjects.

Codecademy offers fun and interactive coding lessons designed for those just starting out in programming, while Alison provides a wide range of free certified learning materials covering various subjects to make education accessible globally.

Remember that each platform has its own unique features and options so consider what suits your interests, schedule, and goals before making a decision!

Happy learning!

Udemy Alternatives List
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