6 Best Free Social Media Management Tools for Beginners

As a blogger, it’s also hard to manage my social media feeds every time. Then how we can use these free social media management tools to achieve our goals quickly?

For example, YouTubers and Bloggers have to create more useful content to grow, and it takes much time.

In that case, they need to manage their every social media account with the best management tools to post updates continuously without losing their fan base.

But, how?

In this post, I’ve come up with 6 best free social media management tools that can help you to save time from creating, scheduling content, posts, analyzing, and more.

  1. Canva (30-day free trial)
  2. Tailor Brands
  3. Buffer
  4. Hootsuite
  5. Later
  6. IFTTT

Let’s jump to the list!

Disclosure: This free guide contains some affiliate links. If you purchase any service through one of these links I may earn a small commission, this is at no extra cost to you.

1. Canva


Well-designed graphics (even logos) are essential to get more engagement on social media.

It can help you fastly grow your social media game on platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. If you were having any trouble with graphics and image needs, Canva is the best answer.

First, Click here to signup for the Canva PRO 30-Day FREE trial to get all of the Canva features to create your graphics using their huge assets library.

Once you signed up you can create Social media graphics, including Facebook ads, Twitter posts, Pinterest graphics, YouTube thumbnails, and everything for your graphical needs.

Canva gives you many templates related to various social platforms to create and edit images with essential elements. This tool is free to use, but you can enhance your experience with the pro version of Canva for the best results with its new content planner.

2. Tailor Brands

Tailor brands Logo types

A well-designed logo is a highly effective way to get associated with your followers to improve your marketing campaigns on social media websites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

With Tailor Brands online platform, you can design a professional logo for your branding needs in a few minutes with its AI-powered logo design and branding tools.

All you need to do is, entering the name of your brand and telling them a little bit about your logo and then they will suggest multiple logo variations and ideas for you to choose from.

If you’re here as a new blogger and looking for an easy and quick way to create a blog logo, see my step-by-step guide on how to create a blog logo to get started!

They allow you to download a low-resolution version of your logo for free. However, if you want a high-resolution version such as a Vector file, you will need to go with their one of the premium plan (starting at $3.99 per month billed annually).

If you want to go with a premium plan, click here to avail of a 50% OFF discount and save a handsome amount at the checkout when you’re downloading a high-resolution file of your logo.

3. Buffer

Buffer: Free Social Media Management Tools

Buffer is the best social media scheduler I have ever seen. This tool helps you post photos, blog articles, videos, or anything on your social media, adding by a specific time to share your content. It helps you to update your social profiles at once.

Buffer social media tool is available for both Android and iOS and web for easy use. The free version limited by adding three social accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter. You need to get the paid version to unlock more features, including advanced analytics.

4. Hootsuite

Hootsuite: Free Social Media Management Tools

Hootsuite is another one of the best free social media management tools to create content and manage your business efficiently. This social media dashboard allows you to schedule, track, managing multiple social activities.

This tool is perfect for Twitter users to manage their content quickly, and paid plans have more features to run your online business smartly. Additionally, they offer you an app directory to get more engagement with customers, including automated and human responses to answer user questions.

5. Later

Later: more engagement

Later is another free feed planner for Instagram. It enables you to plan your Instagram with drag and drop features, adding your posts. Additionally, Later allows you to sync photos and videos from your phone, desktop, Google Drive, or Dropbox in a few minutes.

They are offering plans for an Individual free forever that lets you schedule up to only 30 photos for one social profile per month. Or you can choose paid plans for more features. Later is perfect for Instagram influencers to plan their Instagram feed easily.



IFTTT (If This Then That) is a creative platform for social media management (even home automation). As I say, it is not only for social media. It can fully automate between most of the tasks you’re doing in daily life. In this case, You can use it to build a connection between different apps and devices to make them automated.

It works to handle your home devices, social media, worksheets, photos, tasks, emails, and much more to boost your productivity for free. Yes, it’s totally free!

If you are having trouble with using IFTTT, head over to the how-to Use IFTTT guide to learn more about automating your life and business free.

Final Thoughts

You can try all of the above tools for free. And you cannot perform a better marketing campaign without having useful social media management tools nowadays.

However, these tools are valuable, and it will surely save your time, increase your productivity, and following on social media.

Also, don’t forget to share this article on your social media feeds to help another growing beginner like you!

Social Media Management Tools
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12 thoughts on “6 Best Free Social Media Management Tools for Beginners”

  1. This is such a great list of tools. I haven’t heard of some of them so will definitely have to check them out! I love Canva and use it everyday for my blog, I use it for everything, from my logo to pinterest graphics. It’s really an incredible tool!

  2. I am glad to see Canva being discussed by so many bloggers more recently! It really is such a valuable tool – great way to help create a positive brand image across all your social media platforms.

  3. Thank you so much for this! I had never heard of Later, but I have already started using it and love it! So nice to know that I can schedule instagram pins for the next six weeks so that they still go live during our holidays. Great post and great suggestion.

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