What is Jamboard and How to Use it?

What is Jamboard? Jamboard is an awesome digital interactive whiteboard developed by Google, another family partner of the G Suite family.

It is perfect with online business collaborations, designed to use in conference rooms to create, collaborate, and bring your team’s works together. It has a 55″ 4K touchscreen display, can be mounted into a wall, or be configured into a stand.

Google Jamboard Image by BenQ Display Solutions

This digital board has many Google technologies that facilitate interaction in real-time through the internet. Including Google search features, shape and sketch recognition, auto draw, layouts, etc. That’s mean you can do more with Google products by using this awesome Jamboard.

How to set up Google’s Jamboard?

Here are some related links provided by Google Support. You can use these links for your needs.

What are the features?

  • 55-inch 4K screen
  • Touch-enabled whiteboard (screen)
  • Built-in HD camera, speakers, and wifi
  • Two styluses, eraser and wall mount
  • HDMI 2.0, USB Type C, 2 X USB 3.0
  • Google Cast
  • Down speakers / Built-in microphones
Google Jamboard Image by Cepkolik.com

This digital whiteboard also has two white stylus pens for drawing and another device like an eraser. The rolling stand is an additional accessory for Jamboard. It runs a variant of Android Marshmallow.

How to Use Jamboard?

You can use both the tablet app and the board to create and edit jam files. But some features are limited to the mobile app. The mobile app has some drawing and moving editing options for easy creations.

Moreover, you can use the mobile app to add documents from Google Drive to Jamboard. The web app is available only for viewing and for some other purposes.

The mobile app is available for both Android and iOS as well.

How to Use Mobile Apps?

For Android Tab/iPad users

  • Create and collaborate on jams
  • Share jams real-time
  • Inserting content like photos and files from G Suite

For Android/iPhone users

  • Create and edit jams, controller for the physical Jamboard
  • Use the app to detect Jamboards close by, and add your content into a Jam
  • Add to the jam with sticky notes and content from G Suite

Google has mentioned that Jamboard costs $4,999 (without a stand). You can check the current prices from Google’s Product page.

Ref links: https://support.google.com/jamboard/

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