What is Google Lens and How Does it Work with AI?

How do you feel about after hearing the word “lens”? Simply it will be giving an opportunity to focusing on more deep things. However, Google Lens is an AI-powered image recognition technology that used your smartphone’s camera and deep machine learning to detect objects smartly.

Google Lens does not only detect an object but it can understand what it detects and offer useful actions based on what it sees using their AI power. With this, you’ll able to point your phone at something, such as a specific gadget, plant, flower, poster or any art and then see what the object you’re pointing. It will show up all the information about what you point on your camera.

Moreover, This feature comes over to as another Google search option to help people to find everything they see. Not at all, According to Google I/O 2019, Google says this technology has improved in 2019 with new features that things were unbelievable. Anyway, here is everything you need to know about the Lens feature.

What Can Google Lens Do?

This feature was announced by Google in 2017 as a Pixel-exclusive feature. But now, the feature has made it to more phones like Sony, LG, Motorola, Nokia, etc. Also, Lens has a standalone app on Android and it was integrated into Google Assistant and Google Photos apps.

However, Google recently updated Lens with the following capabilities:

  • Smart text selection: You can point your phone’s camera at any text, then highlight that text within Lens, and copy and paste it anywhere on your phone.
  • Smart text search: When you highlight a text in Google Lens (like products), you can also search that text with Google Assistant.
  • Clothing and product search: If you see a dress anywhere you like to shop, Google Lens can identify that product and serving up relevant reviews and shopping options.
  • Search around you: If you point your camera around you, Lens will detect what kind of plants, books, places or anything are nearby, or anything you’re watching or tv, you can find them fastly with Google Lens.
  • Translate signs: if you see any sign or text in anywhere in the different language you can point your camera and able to translate it’s within seconds.

What else in 2019? Previously from the scenarios described above, I already mention about the Google I/O 2019 event was announced some upcoming features on this feature that have Google made. So, let’s see what are the features has coming up.

How Does Google Lens Work?

Google Assistant

Within Google Assistant you’ll see a Google Lens icon in the bottom middle. You can tap it and point your smartphone camera at anything and it will show up the information across the features I mentioned above. Currently, it’s not limit for Pixels phones, Now you can use Google Lens integrated with Google Assistant across a wide range of Android devices.

Google Photos

Google photos app (available for both Android and iOS) is the default app for android devices provided by Google. So, you can able to use the lens with any picture have in your Google photos gallery simply. Open any photo you have been taken before and tap on the lens icon right corner at the bottom. It will help to find out anything you want through your pictures.

Camera App

The lens works with some of the device’s camera apps recently. It’s directly added to the device’s own camera app. This functionality is now rolling out, so it will come over to most of the phones nearly.

Google Lens App

Google Lens apk (app) is only available for several supported Android devices on the market. Also, it has limited which in some countries as well. If you’ve got a Pixel phone, you can simply use the app with the all above features recently. Currently, some of the other Android devices have been able to use this app. So check the app for Android with Google Play Store to find out that.

Hope you love that feature provided by Google. What do you think? Is it valuable for you? Also, check the official web page lens.google.com to find out recent updates in the future.

Featured Image by Google.

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