How to Find Trending Instagram Story Ideas

Instagram Stories are a great way to interact with your audience on Instagram. We can see every user will be trying to get more attraction using new Instagram story ideas daily.

Instagram is a powerful social media platform nowadays. And its a part of most of the users and over 500 million+ users use Instagram stories every day.

However, Your Instagram story is the perfect place to engage followers, promote new products, and increase your brand’s awareness. If you’re not making stories on Instagram, you’ll be missing out much more powerful audience as a brand on Instagram.

So, what should you post on Instagram stories?

There is plenty of ways to find trending and creative Instagram story ideas to find out what you exactly need to catch your right audience.

So, here are 3 useful ways to find creative Instagram story ideas that will help you to create endless happiness!

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1. Using Pinterest

Pinterest is a huge source of ideas, recipes, style inspiration, home hacks and many more ideas to try. However, It quickly becomes one of the top social networks, especially among women worldwide.

Instagram Story Ideas on Pinterest

It’s just like a visual search engine. Pinterest allows users to organize images and videos into personalized collections known as boards. So, if you want to know what are the rending Instagram story ideas, Just hit a search on Pinterest. You’ll exactly get what you need!

2. Instagram Marketing Blogs

If you new to Instagram as a brand and you need to grow your audience, you want to know more about how your Instagram account should look like to gain more followers.

However, If you puzzled with how to promote your content these Instagram marketing blogs are an excellent place for more ideas and more inspiration.

For example, if you want to know creative Instagram story ideas, Hootsuite provides you an entire article about the topic clearly.

Here are my favorite blogs for Instagram marketing ideas,

  1. Instagram Business Blog – Latest Instagram news and updates
  2. Hootsuite – Tips, tools, and strategies for social media
  3. Planoly – Ideas and Instagram news
  4. Later – Instagram marketing strategies
  5. Social Media Examiner – Great place for social media marketing

3. Instagram Marketing YouTube Channels

Following YouTube channels that passionate about sharing the latest social media marketing tactics, you can get own brief ideas to get more engagement on Instagram easily.

It helps you to get something to your mind about how they really do that with their videos. Just hit a search and subscribe to your favorites!

Do More With Your Instagram Stories

Managing your Instagram is such a creative game these days. This is super fun and super powerful to powerup goals on your Instagram account.

However, If you decide to post something, you need some kind of creative design to make your Instagram story eye-catchy. So, you can use the Canva Instagram story templates library to make them look awesome to your followers!

If you’re not familiar with using Canva online graphic designing tool, read my beginner’s guide to learn how to get started with Canva to create your designs in minutes.

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