Visme Review: A Free Content Creation Tool for All

Have you wondered how others create stunning designs? When you logged to social media, we can see many creative visual contents that will catch our eyes. Each content creation has used for driving traffic, engagement with the audience to what they offer. So how do you get into this? It’s Visme! Let’s find out how you can create rich graphical content using this free content creation tool.

We’ll know there are a bunch of online tools available for creating and designs purposes. Also, I’m a big fan of creating posters, images for social media posts and infographics online. It’s much more comfortable than installing software on my PC. It makes something comfortable for our busy lives, right?

When it comes to online tools, and now, Visme makes it too much easier to make your content regardless of your design skills, even creating powerpoint presentations online. Pretty cool?

What is Visme?

Visme is an easy-to-use free content creation tool that is allowing anyone to create awesome infographics, presentations and other graphics for non-designers.

Using Visme you can find awesome templates to create,

I can introduce it to you as a great storyteller tool. It’s user-friendly, and every interactive feature looks easy to make your story visually. You can use it for all kinds of projects like presentations (at school, office or anywhere), printable things, infographics, social media posts, and several other graphics as well.

Why Visme for Non-Designers?

Visual content (or image) is worth thousands of words, not sure? You should look into this resource here from Visme. People are more likely to go through visual content than reading a piece of text information or instructions. But how Visme can help you to beat this?

Visme on YouTube

When it comes to Visme, it’s not a big deal to create engaging content anymore. Why? There are several reasons to choose Visme as a free content creation tool. For me, that is a big surprise!

  • Easy to use: It helps to create more than one type of content. It’s the multi-tool of visual content, Great for both Infographics and Presentations, Social Media posts, reports, ebooks, and more. Moreover, Visme is a great solution to show up boring data that look eye-catchy. It’s fully HTML5-based, so your content is both web and mobile-friendly.
  • For Non-Designers: Requires no coding or design experience for any creation at Visme. It has an easy drag-and-drop feature that helps you to design using classic and modern templates with a range of prebuild blocks, theme colors, and many features to flexibility use.
  • Media Attachments: You can able to attach images, illustrations, videos, and audios to your project within a few clicks. Moreover, you can use the Visme libraries to find media content, able to record your own sounds, and also allow you to add embedded content from web interactivity.
  • More Shareable: Once you have done, you can share your final content with your audience, public, or privately. Also, you can share it as an embed content.
  • Easy Downloads: It allows users to download content in all popular formats in Web URL, Image, PDF, and HTML5 formats. That’s awesome for creating Presentations on Visme.

Create Engaging Visual Content

As you see above, Visme has millions of assets to make your story more visually. As a content creator and blogger, I can recommend it to everyone. Visme has nicely categorized everything to understand what you have to do in every step.

free content creation tool - Visme categories
Categories on Visme

If you are a student, teacher, blogger, or a person from the corporate, organization, or anyone from any field, Visme will surely enhance telling your visual story.


Visme allows you to create next-level presentations with its classic and modern templates. Once you login to your Visme account, click the new project, and you can start making your presentation online. Once I opened it, I got a big question, how to open it offline from Powerpoint? is It possible? The surprise is yes!

Also, you can share it with your friends or publish it on the web as a link to the index on Google. Even able to share privately and to make embed code for your presentation, not a big deal.


Creating infographics may getting much time than we expect if we are using tradition creations tools that follow. It’s just a severe thing to do for me. Is it?

However, Visme makes it much easier. It has hundreds of beautiful custom-built infographic templates with easy drag-and-drop features. But if you got a design on your mind, you can choose a black to make your own design at Visme. Then you can use libraries to find various types of blocks for your infographics in minutes.

Documents, Charts, Maps and Printables

Visual content always shows up thousands of things in one frame. When it comes to documents, Visme allows you to create eye-catchy documents, reports, charts, ebooks, newsletters, and much more.

All of these have fantastic templates to choose from you like. Moreover, if you want to create your own resume, posters, flyers, menus, that pretty much cool with Visme.

Social Media and Web Graphics

Visme allows you to create both web and social graphics using stunning templates. If you are running a small business that perfect for design, every kind of graphic you need for your advertising campaigns. The main thing is you can use their libraries to find anything you need, such as illustrations, images, or animations. It will save you time by managing everything in one place.

Custom Sizes

You can start creating your content using any size you prefer with any design you want. It enables you to use blocks of content, colors, and all the other features I’ve noted above. Also as a new feature, Visme allows you to create your own brand kit with easy steps, which allows you to establish your own brand colors, fonts, logos and templates directly.

is Visme Worth it as a Content Creation Tool?

Visme is free to use with use as long as you want. If you go with Visme Basic (Free plan), you can only access to create up to 5 Projects, 100 MB Storage on Visme, limited templates, some charts, and widgets. But it will surely tell you how Visme makes content creation much more manageable.

Honestly, it’s worth your money. Visme has three main plans for individuals, business, and education. You can able to choose your preferred plan from $14/month for billed annually or able to get monthly billing plans.

Visme Review: A Free Content Creation Tool for All 1
Visme for All

As a significant benefit, Visme is available for teams. It allows you to create and communicate as a more effective team. That makes everything well planned and managed.

What do I think? Honestly, as a content creator and blogger, I guess Visme makes it a remarkable impression in every creation. It’s easy to use, easy to share, and easy to publish anywhere.

Let’s talk about what do you think about Visme? how is your experience?

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