3 Ways to Use Instagram Direct Messages on Desktop

Using Instagram Direct Messages on desktop, If you prefer to use Instagram on anything other than your smartphone, you’ll find that the direct messaging feature isn’t supported on Instagram.com through your web browser.

However, there are a few several ways to do it on your desktop or laptop easily. The best thing is they are all entirely free to use.

In this article, I’ve rounded up 3 ways for you to check and send Instagram DMs on your desktop!

Let’s get into the methods!

1. Using Windows 10 Instagram App

Windows 10 Instagram App to Check Instagram Direct Messages on Desktop

Thanks to Microsoft Store, There is an Instagram app for Windows 10 that supports direct messaging. You can simply get it by using the Microsoft Store on your Windows PC.

To do this, open the Microsoft Store and search for Instagram. Find the app and click “Get it“.

Once you have owned it you can Install it by clicking “Install Button“. Once it’s completed, click Launch to sign in to Instagram.

Once you complete the installation, click the Instagram Direct icon in the top-right corner. It will show p all your DMs. That’s it!

2. Using a Third-Party App

GIF by igdm.me

This simple desktop app can be used for Instagram Direct Messages on desktop. The IG:dm is an unofficial open-source free app for Instagram DMs with a basic interface where you can view and reply to your Instagram conversations easily by login with your Instagram account.

This simple app is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems and allows you to send image files and emojis as well. This very suitable for users who want to manage their accounts on a desktop, like Instagram influencers.

The free version of this app does a good job and there is pro version calls a IG:dm Pro available to use more features like multiple accounts, see up to 100 conversations, and Unsend Messages like in the mobile app.

3. Using a Chrome Extension

There is a bunch of extensions available for Instagram on Chrome web store. Some of those are working fine and some extension not at all.

However, there is a great chrome extension available for Instagram direct messaging and it has more than 300,000 users.

All you need to do is, go to the extension page and add it to Chrome. Once it installed you’ll see the Instagram direct icon on the right top corner of your browser window.

Just click the extension icon and it will open Instagram like as on your mobile. it will same as an Instagram mobile version and also allows you to publish posts directly from your desktop PC!

Do More with Instagram Direct Messages on Desktop

Now you know that there are many ways to check your Instagram Direct Messages on desktop. However, if you’re away from your phone, now you can use a desktop for your needs.

You can choose your preferred method to use it as much easier. However, the Chrome extension looks easier for me. Let’s know your comments below!

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