How to Unsend an Email in Gmail

We’ll know Gmail has great features. But if you forget to add some attachment, hyperlink, even forget to CC someone, you’ll probably need to unsend it to edit it again. So, what happens if you have controlled it to unsend an email in Gmail?

Thankfully, Gmail has a little feature to solve this problem, helping us to avoid mistakes.

Gmail already enabled the “Undo Send” feature in your Gmail account with their new updates. But It’s set to 5 seconds as a default cancellation period for an email. Which is not enough to think if our email goes wrong nor not!

Why we are sending emails with fear? There’s a way to set and extend the time to unsend an email in Gmail, and I’m going to show you how to use it right now!

Unsend an Email in Gmail

Login to your Gmail inbox, go to the top right corner and hit the gear button to go to Gmail settings.

How to Unsend an Email in Gmail 1

Scroll down until you see “Undo Send.” There, you can set the “Send cancellation period” in seconds in 5 to 10, 20, or 30 seconds. You can set the time which as you preferred. But it’s better to set it for 30 seconds.

Unsend an email in Gmail

The longer you choose, the longer you’ll have to decide if you want to unsend an email to edit anything after you have pressed the send button.

Make sure you scroll down on the same page and hit “Save Changes” after you’re setting the time.

Once you’ve done with the above settings, you’ll start seeing an Undo option after you’ve sent an email. Now it’s available for 30 seconds and you’ve 30 seconds of the time period to unsend an email in Gmail.

Here’s how it looks like:

Undo in Gmail

If you want to unsend an email in Gmail, hit “Undo,” and your email won’t be sent and you’ll to edit it again. How do you feel that? Share this with your Facebook and Twitter friends to relieve their minds when sending emails!

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