Start Your Shopify Dropshipping Business (2019 Guide)

If you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, starting Shopify Dropshipping is an effective way to break into the eCommerce field. It will offer a wide range of features, and it’s easy to handle. But you exactly need patience and an acute mind to work on it. But how you get into it?

In 2019, You have so many ways to start your Dropshipping business online. It’s making an excellent foundation for beginners like you. I’ve created this guide to help you in starting your own successful Shopify dropshipping business.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is the leading eCommerce platform for entrepreneurs to start their online stores or Shopify dropshipping without any hassle.

Shopify allows you to sell products, integrated into multiple platforms, including web, mobile, social media, online marketplaces, etc. Also, you can manage products, inventory, payments, and shipping within simple clicks. All those things are simple, and you never need any programming or technical experience with web developing!

However, Shopify is not a free platform to build up your store. It has some price ranges under various features and options to buy at different subscription plans.

All plans are monthly based and you have to pay to Shopify by monthly, starting at 29$ to 299$. But don’t worry, Shopify gives you a FREE 14 days trial without requiring a credit card.

What is Shopify Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is another way that eCommerce entrepreneurs sell products without having any direct inventory. The main thing is you’re not going to invest a large amount of money.

Here’s how it works,

I hope you got it!

The process is, When the customer order something from the store, the store owner will contact the supplier to ship the product directly to the customer’s door.

Don’t worry. Some of the dropshipping apps that let you integrate products from trusted suppliers into your store to simplify the ordering process. No need to worry about products when you were starting a new dropshipping business.

How to Find Dropshipping Suppliers?

First, you have decided on the products that you would like to sell in your online store. If you chose to sell wireless headphones, It’s better if you can do pure research on your focus products before starting your store at Shopify.

On Shopify, you can add integrated apps like Oberlo to create your online store.

Oberlo is a marketplace that you can find excellent products to sell online. Ones you add Oberlo to your Shopify store, you no need to worry about suppliers. They enable you to access a wide variety of different products like fashion items, electronics, toys, beauty, etc.

Now you have a brief idea about What is Shopify and Dropshipping Suppliers, Right?

Here’s how your wireless headphone store works right now with Oberlo,

Pretty cool, right?

Once you receive an order from a customer you can be fulfilling your request automatically with Oberlo’s verified suppliers, at that time, you’ll never need to worry about storing, packaging, or shipping your products.

Those things are the main things you need to know about before you start your Shopify dropshipping store between customer you and supplier.

It’s easy to set up, but hard to reach your goals. Everything depends on what you sell in your online store. So, do research before you get started with Shopify.

Getting started with Shopify

It’s time to start your Shopify Dropshipping store! In this guide, I’ll show you how to use Shopify to launch your online store that looks perfect in less than 30 minutes.

First, you have to choose a name for your store. Also, decide what you’re going to sell in your store as I mentioned above.

  1. Just Visit and hit the “Start free trial” button to open the signup form.
  2. Enter your required details and click the “Create your store” button.
Shopify 2019 Guide

Shopify has a free tool “Business Name Generator” to create a catchy brand name for your business. You can use it to get some keyword related brand name ideas to your store.

After a few seconds you signed up, they will ask you a little about yourself. You will also be asked if you have products and revenue If you’re trying out Shopify to see how it works for you.

Provide your answers and move on to the next step. In the next level, you have to provide your name, address, country, and phone numbers, etc. Provide your accurate information and click “enter my store.”

Setting Up Your Online Store

After you have completed the signup process, you’ll be direct to the Shopify Admin panel. Now you can start customizing your store, adding apps, and setting up payments and shipping.

Shopify Welcome Screen

You can able to customize your store theme easily. But always use a clean, perfect theme for getting customer attraction.

Click the “Customize” button and start to manage your store’s themes. Moreover, Shopify themes are all guaranteed to have full support from their designers.

If you want to make any changes to a theme, you can use HTML, and CSS coding or Shopify has “Shopify Experts” that you can hire to customize your site fully. Meanwhile, you can visit to choose a theme. That can cost additionally, and some of the themes are free with limited features.

You can Go to Settings (Left side bottom) to edit your store settings. Here you can find some settings related to your store, products, shipments, legal pages, and payment providers. Shopify guides you to every environment to understand easily.

Adding Apps for Shopify Store

If you’re going to make your store automated with dropshipping, this step is essential for you. Shopify has an apps store to make your online store perfect and automated with some functions.

If you are going to dropship, you have to find a dropshipping app (suppliers) for automating your online store. So, Oberlo is the most suitable app for the dropshipping store.

Visit and hit a search for “Oberlo” and click “Add app” and integrated your Shopify store with Oberlo.


After the installation, you can use the Oberlo dashboard. It enables you to import products to your store from the owners of the products. Also, you can install any other apps like MailChimp to create a customer email list, etc.

Adding Products to Your Store Using Oberlo

Go to and search the product that you need to import on your online store. Here you can see already imported count, views, orders, price, and shipment period of that product. Click “Add to Import List” to import a product.


After you imported the product, click on “Edit on import list” to edit the product you import. That is the place you can set up your products in your online store. You can edit the title, images, description, profit, and prices.

After setting up your product info, click “Import to store” to add that product to your store directly. Now you’re almost done with your store. You can view your store by visiting You’ll see the imported product is alive in your store!

Congratulations! You just imported a product to your store!

Setting Up Shopify Payment Methods

Go to Settings > Payment providers to add one of the methods to proceed with customer’s payments. There you can see many payment providers matching your country. Find your prefer and go through their instructions to set up your payment gateway. Also, you can use Paypal express checkout other than accepting Credit/Debit cards.

Set Shipping Rates on Shopify

Shipping rates at checkout: Go to Settings > Shipping to add shipping rates to define how much customers pay for shipping in their regions.

You can choose and create shipping zones, or you can add free shipping for the rest of the world. These rates will be showing at the checkout on when the customer ordering your products. When you dropshipping, set shipping rates free to attract more customers.

Adding a Domain to Shopify

You have two choices to add a domain for your online store. First, you can buy a domain from Shopify starting at $11USD/yr. But it’s a little expensive cost.

Your second option is the purchase a domain from a third party such as Namecheap. I have using Namecheap for a while, and it has free WHOIS privacy for domains. Namecheap’s domains starting from $8.88 USD/yr.

Go to the “Online store” (Left side of admin panel) > Domain and click “Connect existing domain” to connect your third party domain. Here you have to add DNS settings provided by your third-party domain registrar.

Start Selling with Shopify Dropshipping

Finally, here are the steps you have to follow to launch your Shopify Dropshipping store,

  1. Study the process and getting started with Shopify
  2. Setting Up Your Online Store
  3. Adding Apps for Shopify Store
  4. Adding Products to Your Store Using Oberlo
  5. Setting Up Shopify Payment Methods
  6. Set Shipping Rates on Shopify
  7. Adding a Domain to Shopify
  8. Start Selling with Shopify Dropshipping

Finally, hope you have a fully working online store. Remember to select your Shopify plan to continue. If you’re a beginner to eCommerce field, the basic plan is very suitable for you. So, first, choose valuable and attractive products to sell in your store and start promoting on social media and make more sales!

Happy Dropshipping!

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