How to Use the New Microsoft Edge Browser

New Microsoft Edge, Microsoft released the new Microsoft Edge browser has based on the Chromium project used by Google Chrome bringing a better browsing experience to Windows 10, macOS, iOS and Android users.

In fact, the new browser looks better compatibility with sites and improved performance.

You can download Microsoft Edge for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS right here. If you want to try the new Edge browser, here are the main and useful features you should try on the new Edge.

Choosing Your Style for New Tabs

It’s simple and easy to manage everything that you want to see when you open a new tab. You can select a preferred layout that you need from Focused, Inspirational, or Informational.

Choosing Your Style for New Tabs

Moreover, you can customize your own with quick links and displaying the image of the day by choosing the custom style. The search bar works with Bing when you hit a search from a new tab.

Sign in to Sync

You can use your Microsoft account sign in to new Edge and sync your favorites, browsing data across the devices you use the new edge browser.

To customize your sync settings, click your profile picture in the upper right corner of the browser and click “Manage Profile Settings” and then click “Sync”.

Privacy and Security

The new Microsoft Edge browser gives you choices to control what data gets collected while you browse with new features like tracking prevention and InPrivate mode.

Privacy and Security on New Edge

Also, Microsoft Edge has built-in Microsoft Defender SmartScreen. It protects you from dangerous websites, and from downloading files that can harm your device. Go to setting and click “Privacy & Services” to customize your settings.

Read Aloud Articles

This is a very handy feature that Microsoft edge will read your selected text or web pages with their Read Aloud feature.

New Edge Read Aloud

The only thing you need to do, select a text and right-click, then choose the “Read Aloud section” to hear the words from the computer voice.

If you want to have an entire article from a webpage read aloud, it’s best to put it into Immersive reader view by clicking the “Book” icon at the right corner of the address bar. It strips out the ads and just leaves the article. It allows you to choose voice options too.

Browser Extensions

Edge has a browser extension store provided by Microsoft. We can see them as nicely categories and easy to find and install them for our needs. But, it currently not offer many extensions like the Chrome Web Store.

Browser Extensions for New Microsoft Edge

In that case, the new Edge browser allows you to install extensions from other stores like Chrome Webstore. It’s good to hear that and easy to enable it by navigating to “Extensions” by clicking the browser menu button.

Just toggle on the “Allow extensions from other stores” and go to Chrome Web Store to get your favorite extensions.

Switching to New Microsoft Edge Browser

I hope you can get a brief idea about how the new Edge browser really looks like after reading the above features. But switching to Edge from Chrome can be different for every user with their requirements.

If you’re a person like reading and searching through the internet every time, I think the new Edge is perfect with its Immersive reader view to do it easily.

The better way is, just try the new Edge and see how it’s best for you!

Happy browsing!

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