Increase Social Shares With Viral Content Bee

Viral Content Bee (VCB) is one of the free social media sharing tools that help bloggers and influencers to share their content on the major social media platforms. When you add your content, all the other users will share your content on their social media. So you will get massive shares and free social media traffic for your blog posts simply.

Sounds goods? Look at some popular posts on the sidebar, 90% of shares were I made from viral content bee without spending any cents. Hopefully, that will really for blog engage and save your money and time from social media advertising.

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Viral Content Bee Review

Another web-based tool where users can share your content with their social followers on various social media platforms. Also, it helps to build your social media following & authority. It could be Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Tumblr or Mix. So these are main social platforms currently VCB supports for sharing.

You can register on VCB for free and able to add contents for free. But VCB offers paid monthly plans with extra benefits to grown on. These plans offering advanced social media marketing tools giving you by extra credit, better analytics, forum access, etc. That will be a useful and valuable service for driving traffic to your blog.

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Earning Credits

All these social sharing processes based on credits you earn through viral content bee. That’s so simple, When you sharing another one’s posts on your social media, you’ll get 1 to 4 credits on your VCB account simply. If you share more posts, you’ll get more credits.

You can do this simply clicking on “Dashboard” in the top menu and choose what you want to share from the list you’re seeing. Click the easy social share buttons on the post you preferred to share and you’ll see the prompt before share. There some 3 options to share contents.

Share: You can choose this option to share the content immediately to your social account and you’ll get credits on VCB account on time.

Buffer: You can add that post to the queue shared on scheduled time. The default time is 30 minutes. If you add more posts to queue, a post will be shared between after 30 minutes and credit will add to your account after it will be shared successfully.

Schedule: you can set a specific time to get shared. Credits will update when it shared.

Viral Content Bee

Adding Your Content

After you collect some credits from sharing others content you’ll able to add your’s to VCB to get shared from others. I’m advising you to collect minimum 50-100 credits for a better result. Because VCB users like you, always looking for credits to collect.

To add your content, navigate to the “Add Project” section on top of the menu bar. Here you can give the details about your blog post including the link, title, description and image etc.

Then choose preferred 3 related categories to get more shares effectually. That will really improve your shares. Why? most users like to share content with their own niche. If someone doing about tech blogging they want to share tech content. Also, Food bloggers are food bloggers! So, make sure to define the right categories for your blog post.

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Also, you have to define the project budget here. That’s mean credits you’ve collected from sharing others content. Enter the project budget and choose how your post gets shared from choosing social media platforms. Then Submit your content and wait to get approved it from VCB team.

When your content gets approved, it will live on the VCB dashboard section and users will able to share your content on their accounts on social media. That’s it!

Tips to Get More Social Shares

  • Always trying to add a catchy title and description to get more shares.
  • Anytime you’ll able to add more credits to your live projects by clicking on “My Projects” section. That will helps to get more shares from users.
  • When your project missed down from the VCB dashboard, go to “My Projects” and add 30 credits to make it top on the first page again.
  • Follow the people who share your content through social media, go to “Reaction” on the top menu bar to find them.
  • Remember to log in to VCB every day and share others content and collect more credits.

Now it’s your turn! Try Viral Content Bee (VCB) and make massive social shares and traffic to your blog with simple steps. Meanwhile, don’t forget to read their FAQs and quality guidelines to make your archives awesome!

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