5 Ways to Identify a Song in a YouTube Video

Identifying a song in a YouTube video can be a big challenge.

When we came to YouTube, there are so many entertaining videos and kinds of music to watch and listen to.

If you’re watching a video with background music on YouTube and might be you like to get it, there is a small chance if the uploader has mentioned the tracklist on their videos.

If not, how do you find a song in YouTube video?

Not to worry! You have a couple of options to find the song you love.

Let’s find out how to identify a song in a YouTube video.

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How to Identify a Song in a YouTube Video

Let’s be honest. Sometimes it hard to find a song in a YouTube video. At that time, you require to figure out your skills and need to listen to it carefully, which means you have to think deeply. Let’s get into the process.

#1. Check the Video Description on YouTube

Check the Video Description on YouTube

Most of the smart uploaders always mentioned the songs and music they have used in their videos. Just click on the “SHOW MORE” under the video, and you can find them easily. Most of the YouTubers using non-copyrighted music on their YouTube videos, which means there is more chance to get it under their video description as a music attribution credit.

#2. Check the Comments

What next happens if the uploader doesn’t mention the song in the description? Don’t be panic, the comments section is more powerful to understand more about the video you watch. Just read the comments top to bottom carefully, and you may have a lucky chance to find the song you love.

Read the comments and see if other people have asked about that song. Also, you can comment by asking the song mentioning the time gap. (Hey, what is the song between 1:30 to 2:30). If the uploader doesn’t answer, sometimes fans will help you.

#3. Search for the Lyrics

Search for the Lyrics

If you got the lyrics, you could hit a search on Google or YouTube. It may be a phrase or even a word you just listen to. There is a big chance to find it through Google if the song in English. Also, you can use the lyrics sites like AZLyrics.com, Lyrics.com, Lyricsworld.com for a better finding.

#4. Use the YouTube Video Link

There are some services, like Audiotag.info that help you find songs easily by giving YouTube video URLs. Just copy the YouTube video URL and paste it onto the Audio tag, and then choose the time gap when the song comes on. Alternatively, you can also use Shazam.com.

5 Ways to Identify a Song in a YouTube Video 1
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#5. Use an App to Identify a Song in YouTube Video

If none of the above options works, you can use a mobile app to identify the song or music you want. There is an app called “Shazam“, which is the best app for identifying the music you want to find.

You can get it to your mobile from Android or iPhone. Once you installed it, play the YouTube video in the background and Shazam will listening and it should be able to identify the song just in seconds.

If you’re on Google Chrome, you can also use AHA Music – Music Identifier to find and Identify any song playing in your browser. Once you get the extension, click the button of this extension on a page with the audio playing and it will recognize the song name, artist name along with YouTube.

Which is the Easiest Way?

I personally use Shazam to identify songs in YouTube videos. It’s working fine without any issues for me. You can use Shazam as a mobile app and is also available as a web app too.

Also, checking video descriptions, searching for the lyrics, and read the comments while playing the videos is another great way to do that. Moreover, you can use the Chrome extensions as well.

So, what is the method that has worked for you to identify a song in the YouTube video? Feel free to share this with your YouTube fellows!

Identify a Song in YouTube Video
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