How to Use Canva to Brand Your Small Business

I know you’re interested in Canva. That’s why you found this article. Canva or Canva Pro is a drag-and-drop design tool that lets you create excellent visual content with ease in less time. So, If you want to change your visual content game, let’s figure out how to use Canva!

If you’re in the digital marketing journey or if you own a business or maybe a social media page, I’m sure you know the importance of visual content. Simply the graphical things you need!

But, is it only for your business?

The famous digital marketing entrepreneur Neil Patel says,

“Text-based content is always going to be an integral part of marketing, but to really set yourself apart in the digital era, visual content must play a pivotal role in all of your efforts.”

So, you already know the value of visual content, right?

But, why exactly you need an online designing tool?

The importance of visual content has increased significantly in most in 2020. People want to power up their online growth and engagement to succeed in their business and career.

At that point, they need catchy graphics, videos, flyers, banners, ebooks, charts, cards, and logos that every business should need to brand a business.

But, if someone running a small business, blog, or a website, it’s not easy to outsource this works or learning them and everyone doesn’t have any designing skills to get success in that case!

Then how they create visual content for their works?

Simply, the answer is Canva!

But, not sure how to use Canva for your business and work?

Here’s why you should need Canva and how to use Canva for your business to work smoothly in 2020!

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1. Canva is (Mostly) Free

Canva is free to use forever if you do not decide to get your brand or business to the next level. There are several reasons to prove that,

The free version allows you to use the main features with kind of limitations. It much perfect if you using it for small design purposes.

However, if you are going with Canva Pro, it’s much more than expect you can do with your ideas. So, here are the features you can access in Canva Pro!

Click here to signup for Canva PRO free trial to unlock all features and assets free for 30-days.

Canva PRO FREE Trial

Moreover, You can upload your own images or access millions of photos and you can purchase stock photos starting at $1 each. You’ll also get exclusive access to 60M+ photos and elements, illustrations, and templates.

If you want to continue your Canva Pro Subscription, You can go through paying $9.95 per month when paid annually or $12.95 for the monthly subscription plan.

Otherwise, they have offered special programs for students, teachers, and nonprofits as well. So, you can choose your preferred plan that right for your business, organization, or educational purposes with quick easy actions.

2. Pre-built Templates

Once you have Canva Pro, it will present a large number of templates that you can use for creating great posters and graphics using drag and drop tools yourself.

Canva Templates

I am not a graphic designer, I’m using these templates, and I’m creating and publishing templates like Pinterest templates to share with other Canva users too.

I assume that my Pinterest blog traffic has blown up with the graphics I have made with Canva. It also saves me tons of time to manage every minute I’m spending to grow my blog. That is one of my main requirements. So, Canva has made it’s profitable for me!

3. Canva Brand Kit

A brand kit is a guide to your brand’s visual identity. That really helps you to communicate with your brand identity to those who love your brand.

If you are running a large or small business, brand kits are essential assets like logos, fonts, illustrations. Canva is providing a special feature to store your all brand kit assets in one place.

Once you store your assets, you can use all of those assets without leaving the Canva editor while you’re designing your graphics.

Canva Brand Kit

Canva is offering this feature with Its Canva Pro version. Once you add them, no need to upload your brand assets every time you design new creations, Canva will take care of them!

4. Stock Photos, Videos, Elements and Fonts

Canva media library comes in 3 kinds of variations,

  • Free: These photos are available for free users that don’t have subscribed to a Pro plan. But these are limited.
  • Premium: Pro users can access more assets with their subscription along with free photos, elements, and fonts. These are a wide range of assets that customizable with your own colors.
  • Paid: Mostly it includes stock photos that starting at $1.
Stock Photos

5. Canva Content Planner

Canva’s new content planner is a brand new feature that allows you to plan, design, and schedule your social media posts in one place, without leaving Canva.

This feature is available for Canva PRO and you can able to access this content planner through the right sidebar once you logged into the Canva.

Canva Content Planner

This feature is a really cool feature that helps you to plan what you need to post at the right time to your Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, and more.

6. Collaboration and Teams

Once you created a design, you can share it with someone and allow them to only view the image or edit the image. Moreover, There are two types of teams available in Canva,

Free teams: These are the standard teams available to all Canva users. Each free team can have up to 3000 members, including yourself.

Pro teams: Canva Pro teams power up the features available from the free teams. You can assign members to the role of admins, template designers, and members. But, each new team member costs $12.97 a month and it’s free for your 30-day trial.

The Change Maker is Canva PRO

Everything is changing. Canva is a wonderful resource for me, and I recommend you to you sign-up for Canva PRO 30-day free trial for a better experience.

As I mentioned before, Canva is more than an online graphic tool. That’s why it will become more popular day-by-day.

And this one is a huge place for non-designers who do not skilled in designing and I know that you won’t leave it once you dig into it!

Happy designing!

How to Use Canva
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  1. Omg I LOVE Canva and can easily spend hours on this platform each day. For sure, I do at least spend 1 hour creating new pins and other graphics for my blog as it’s an extremely great resource!

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