How to Schedule Instagram Stories (Step-by-Step)

Instagram Stories are a powerful way to build a great audience around your brand. When you looking to schedule Instagram stories, you can simply save time and get more views on stories by planning.

There are several tools to do this today. As always social media management tools can help you to easily prepare and publish or schedule your Instagram stories on the web or mobile.

As one of my favorite social media scheduling tool, Buffer is quite handy to me. So you can use Buffer to schedule your Instagram stories as well.

So, here’s the way to schedule your Instagram stories!

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Schedule Instagram Stories

First, at all, you need to know that this Instagram story scheduling feature is only available on Buffer Premium and Business plans. So that you need to go with one of the Premium plans to use this feature.

However, thanks to Buffer, now you can signup for 14-days of free trial on Buffer to tryout how Instagram stories scheduling is valuable for your brand.

Before you start you need to make sure that the Buffer app has already installed on your mobile device to manage your Instagram stories. Simply go to your mobile app store and search and install the Buffer app to get started.

How to Schedule Instagram Stories
  1. To get started, go to and signup for your preferred plan to start your 14-day trial.
  2. Once you signed up, connect your Instagram to Buffer.
  3. Select your Instagram account on the left-hand side of your buffer dashboard and then move to the Stories tab.
  4. Open the story composer by clicking on the Capture icon.
  5. Click Add Media to choose the images and videos to include in your Instagram story.
  6. Hover over an image or video and click Add Note to include caption or a note for your story. (You can add it as a reminder to add stickers when posting it to stories.)
  7. Finally, click Schedule Story and you are good to choose the desired date and time to post your story. (Make sure your timezone is correct.)

Once you correctly scheduled your Instagram story on Buffer, you will receive a push notification on your Buffer installed mobile device at the time when the post needs to be published on Instagram.

Schedule Instagram Stories

At that time just tap the alert and it will bring you to a preview of your story within the Buffer mobile app.

Simply, tap on Open on Instagram and it will bring you to the Instagram story creator loaded with the first image or video you add to Buffer!

Once you’re done, tap Your story at the bottom left of your story creator to publish your Instagram story.

💡 Useful Tip: Always use online editing tools like Canva PRO to create creative and attractive Instagram stories using templates in minutes.

This feature is available in other scheduling tools like Hootsuite and Later as well. So you can try out one of the best tools for you.

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