How to Reduce and Manage Mobile Data Usage on Android

Mobile data usage is expensive. When you out of wifi coverage, so you have to manage your all works using mobile data being smart with your smartphone.

You can use apps and built-in features to reduce mobile data chargers when you traveling or out of wifi access. Try these effective ways to get cut mobile internet data charges.

1. Manually Limit Your Mobile Data

Android has built-in features to limit and manage mobile data easily. No need to install third-party apps on your device storage.

Go to device settings > Network & Internet > Data Usage

In here you can check your previous usage and find out some options about your mobile data including set data limit. This option allows you to set a data exceeding limit to a preferred amount. If you have a data plan about 5GB you can limit your exceeding amount to 1GB. Then your device will show a notification when it exceeds and does not exceed that limit when you are using the mobile data.

You can also enable the Data saver option on this menu to use fewer data. It will restrict some apps to use data and you can add or remove apps to use data or not.

2. Use Data Monitoring Apps

You can install third-party apps to monitor your mobile data usage easily with some advanced features that built-in apps don’t have. But some of these running in the background to monitor the usage, so it will consume your battery.

Internet Speed Meter Lite

This app displays your internet speed in the status bar and notification panel shows the amount of data you used in real time. You can simply check mobile and wifi usage with this app. The app is completely Ad-Free.

Download, Google Play

Datally by Google

A smart user-friendly app by Google that helps you save and manage your mobile data including bedtime mode. It’s work for automatically turn off mobile data at night. Also, this app sets up a local Virtual Private Network (VPN) service on your device to block unwanted mobile data usage.

You can check and control your data using guest mode to limit the amount of data friends or family can use when they borrow your phone.

Download, Google Play

Samsung Max

This app is a new VPN that’s replacing Opera Max with data saving, can consume aggressive amounts of background data and gives you control to allow or block access to use mobile data while you traveling.

Samsung Max can compress images, videos, and music files for lighter web-browsing fastly. Using this you’ll able to get daily reports about how you saving your data.

Download, Google Play

3. Use Data Compression in Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the in-built Android browsers. Chrome can significantly reduce data consumption on Android. When compression is turned on, all of your data will be compressed and optimized quickly. This will speeds up the loading of web pages without any significant change in web content.

Go to Chrome Settings > Data saver and tap the toggle in the upper right corner to turn on compressing.

4. Update Apps Over Wifi Only

If you allowed updating apps via Google play to automatically, Apps will be getting updates using mobile data or wifi instantly when apps will receive a new update. That will consume your mobile data fastly without prior notice.

However, you can change app auto-updating and download preference through Google play app easily.

Open the Google play and go to settings > App download preference > choose over wifi only or if you want to disable auto-updating, Go to settings > Auto-update apps > choose Don’t auto-update apps.

5. Change Account Sync Settings

Your Google account is set to auto-sync by default. It will sync the changes you made on the device constantly. That can be consumed some of the data without knowing you.

Go to device settings > Accounts > scroll down and toggle off Automatically sync data. That will disable all of the accounts where syncing, or you can disable one by one by choosing the account you want.

Use these simple ways to reduce much of mobile data simply, useful for when you’re using both mobile data or wifi.

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