How to Install Lightroom Mobile Presets (+ Free Pack)

Lightroom Mobile app is one of my favorite all time. If you’re a traveler, or a person always using your mobile to edit photos, you should really need to know how to install Lightroom mobile presets!

Lightroom Mobile app allows you to capture, edit, and share your photos without merely losing quality. This is one of the best ways to quickly edit your photos right on your phone, valuable for travelers, bloggers, photographers, and Instagram users as well.

You can simply use Lightroom on your PC or Mac. But when we come to its mobile app, If you’re new, it’s not quite easy to find out how to install Lightroom mobile presets.

As always, it’s easy to use these any presets on any photo immediately, such as indoors – outdoors, landscape, and portrait photos like a pro. It’s not hard to do it on your mobile!

Let’s move on!

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Why Mobile Lightroom Presets?

Lightroom is free! It’s free to edit all of the exposure, contrast, tones, shadows, and colors again and again as you want. You can directly take photos or allows you to import the kind of photos you have captured before.

However, once you start using Lightroom Mobile presets, really you’ll save time by editing your photos by adjusting colors, shadows, etc. Also, you don’t need an Adobe subscription to use these presets. Don’t need your desktop computer.

You only need the free version of Lightroom installed on your phone and you’re good to go with Lightroom presets!

Install Lightroom Mobile Presets

First, you need to get Lightroom Mobile on your phone. If you’re using an Android mobile get it on Google Play or use Apps Store for iOS devices.

How to Install Lightroom Mobile Presets

After you are done with getting Lightroom Mobile, Grab the free mobile Lightroom presets from the below links.

  1. Download and Unzip the files to your phone/tablet.
  2. Open Lightroom Mobile App.
  3. Import the downloaded preset files (.dng).
  4. Open a preset file you imported to Lightroom.
  5. Then, tap on the menu (thripple dots) in the top right corner and choose “Copy settings“.
  6. After that, Open your own photo through Lightroom, tap on the menu (thripple dots) and choose “Paste settings“.
  7. Now save your photo with applied preset. That’s it!

Above is the easiest way to use and apply free Lightroom presets through your mobile. Once you copied the settings from a preset, you can add it for several photos as you like.

Remember to choose the highest photo quality when you’re saving the final photo on your phone. Also, you can directly upload it to your social account merely using Lightroom Mobile.

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  1. This is really helpful. I am a newbie with Lightroom presets and I just recently bought two and had a hard time installing the mobile presets. Thank you! 🙂


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