How to Get Free Instagram Followers (New User Guide)

Raise your hand if you wanted to know how to get free Instagram followers without spending your hard-earned money!

Instagram is the world’s biggest photo and video-sharing social networking platform owned by Facebook.

Every people like to get many likes and comments on their photos and videos. However, you need more followers and friends to get more likes and comments.

If you are looking for more Instagram followers, there are some unique ways to simply gain free followers without paying any dollars in these simple ways.

But how exactly you can do this?

Here’s a list of 5 beginner-level Instagram tips to grow your followers organically in 2020!

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1. Make Your Instagram Account Perfect

  • Choose a perfect username: You have two names on Instagram. Those are your @username and changeable name (full name). Unfortunately, there are so many same names on Instagram. It’s really difficult to search for someone with the name. But, anyone can find and tag photos to you easily with your username. Because of these, you must add an awesome username to your account without using strange characters or spellings. So if don’t any ideas, try this pretty cool Instagram username generator.
  • Account visibility: If you are looking for more followers, you must set your profile private to the public, so that will makes your profile visible to everyone on Instagram.
  • Setting up your profile photo: Use a clear headshot of your face that is best for the personal account. For brands, companies, or organizations, try a recognizable logo. It will help to recognize you clearly.
  • Account bio: Use this section to describe a brief overview of yourself or your brand. Your bio is only 150 characters, you can describe, about you, your work, interests, and any other things you want to share with others. A creative bio will increase your followers. Always search for some creative and trending Instagram bio ideas to create your own.

2. Get More Followers With Great Photos

It’s the most important thing for getting your first Instagram 100 to 1000 followers by attracting followers to your profile. If you’re posting about traveling, you have to be different than other travelers. That means creativity will increase your followers.

Another thing is, always try to take photos using your default camera app. That’s because Instagram’s built-in camera has no more features like HDR, Zooming and it will automatically crop all your photos into a square. Maybe, it will not focus on your whole frame.

Also, most popular Instagrammers use Lightroom as their main editing tool. Because Lightroom has awesome catchy presets and filters to get styled your photos.

3. Use Instagram Stories Creatively

Currently, Stories are the most famous part of every social media platform. People use this feature to share their photos and videos as a short story adding some cool stickers, text, etc.

How to Get FREE Instagram Followers - Instagram Story Templates

Creating engaging Instagram stories with the help of professionally designed Instagram Post templates can make a huge impact on your Instagram profile!

To do this, you can use Canva online photo editor for free!

When you are using Instagram stories, you have to consider story highlights. Highlights can categorize your stories perfectly and they will show in your profile under the bio section of your Instagram profile.

4. Use Relevant and Popular Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most effective ways to get a significant amount of followers. When you are using hashtags, followers will be able to show your photo or video you have uploaded with that hashtag.

Then, they can come to your profile, and mostly they will follow you.

There are some trending hashtags at all times popular on Instagram. But, always use the relevant hashtags describing your photo or story. It will help you to get more engagement on your posts.

Here are some trending Instagram hashtags,

  1. #life
  2. #travel
  3. #fitness
  4. #repost
  5. #igers
  6. #instadaily
  7. #followforfollow
  8. #likeforlike
  9. #nofilter
  10. #ootd
  11. #fashion
  12. #fun

Moreover, you can find out more trending hashtags from Hubspot Blog to learn more. Also, use these free hashtag generators to generate effective hashtags.

Web Apps,

Mobile Apps,

5. Schedule Instagram Posts

Schedule your Instagram!

Another creative way to increase your followers automatically. It will help you to continuously post photos and videos at the right time to get free Instagram followers.

Personally, I like Canva’s Content Planner to create posts and schedule them easily.

How to Get FREE Instagram Followers
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