How to Create a Logo for Free (Canva Logo Maker)

Logos can be powerful and can give people a certain feeling about your business. Investing in a custom logo design for your company is really important — no matter how small or new your business is.

A good logo is worth a lot, but it doesn’t mean you need to spend thousands of dollars on it when you just starting out.

There are numerous things you can do if you’re not very creative or don’t want to spend money on making your own logo.

This is where Canva Logo Maker comes into play!

The best thing is it’s free to use forever.

On the other hand, it will also help you in designing social media posts, blog graphics, ebooks, charts, presentations, and more using professionally pre-designed templates.

Ready to start creating your logo using Canva?

Let’s dive in!

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Things to Consider Before Creating a Logo

If you discovered a lot of logos or follow a lot of businesses, you may have noticed how their branding look. Each one has a symbol, and maybe some text.

They also use some color combinations and design trends. One of the most important tasks for any company is making a logo that attracts its target audience.

If you are thinking about making the logo for your business, let’s go through few most important facts which help you make a brandable logo.

1. Your Business

The “logo” is the most important business asset of any business. Creating a logo is definitely one way in which you can represent your brand to the world.

For this reason, it’s important to make sure your logo does its job effectively.

Think about your business. It can be products you promote, location, building, landmarks, the architecture of your place to find a unique logo design idea.

2. Color Combinations

It’s important to choose the right colors before creating your logo. You can take a look at how big-name brands use color in their logos.

Here’s a quick overview of some industries that will be brought to your mind by colors:

Logo Color Ideas
Image by Canva

The fact is choosing the right color will help you build a picture of your own brand in your customer’s mind. If you can take time to decide how is your logo needs to be colored, that would be a big advantage for your next steps.

3. Typography

Like in any other design, in logo design, typography is an important part. This is one of the most important elements in logo design.

A good text can enhance good artwork, while a poorly chosen font can ruin even the best logo design.

You can try some different kinds of fonts to add a unique feel to your logo. But make sure to choose a font that is easy to read with proper size and with well-assigned spacing.

4. Your Audience

Do research about what is your target audience and where they come from.

Every kind of business has different audiences. It may differ by their gender, interests, behavior, location, and age so on.

5. Think Outside the Box

Think about the popular smartphone logos, all of them are unique and each logo has its own audiences.

Those logos always reminds us about their products, features, price range, etc. That means you can represent full of your story or kind of message through your logo. Why people fall into this pattern is because it works.

How to Create a Free Logo with Canva

Canva has great premade logo templates to create your logo seamlessly.

But with the Canva PRO comes with many more logo editing options and assets to make your logo attractive and exclusive to you.

It also unlocks you premium logo templates, tons of illustrations, elements, fonts, clip arts, transparent logo download options, and many more assets that you’ll need to heavily modify any logo template.

Thankfully, Canva offers you a 30-day free trial on Canva PRO to access all PRO features including all premium logo templates.

Sounds good? Let’s start the work!

Canva PRO Logos

Here’s how to create a logo with Canva:

  1. First, Click here to sign up for Canva PRO 30-day free trial to unlock all premium logo templates and feature free for 30 days.
  2. Search for “Logos” in Canva’s search bar.
  3. Pick your favorite logo template from their library.
  4. Customize your logo with your own brand colors using Canva Editor.
  5. Download and share your final logo!

If you need any graphic or element for your logo, simply use the “Elements” tab and “Styles” tab from the Canva PRO editor to change the look and feel of your logo.

Canva Logo Styles

Once you’ve finished your logo, you can download it as a PNG file.

If you’re a Canva PRO user, you can download it in your favorite file format including transparent PNG, JPG, or SVG in high quality.

The Changemaker is Canva PRO

Canva is a popular online graphic design tool nowadays. It has become a huge platform for non-designers to create a logo or design anything effortlessly.

And I remind you to sign up for the Canva Pro 30-day free trial to start creating a great logo using premium templates. It will definitely help you make your logo more appealing.

Canva PRO 30-Day Free Trial

If you want to continue your Canva PRO plan, it will be $12.99 for a month or you can switch to the Canva free plan anytime.

The best thing is you can now add 5 teammates to your Canva PRO subscription and your team will be able to unlock everything Canva Pro has to offer.

I’m pretty sure you won’t get disappointed with Canva’s time-saving features!

Happy logo creating!

Free Logo
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