How to Create a Logo for Free (Canva Logo Maker)

When you decide to start a small business, website, even a Facebook page it’s a big challenge to create a catchy logo. But, everyone may not skilled in graphics designing to create it in their own way.

So, what’s next?

In that case, the Canva logo maker will help you to decide and create your own logo with your ideas.

In fact, Canva is FREE to use forever. You can use it in various ways to fulfill your logo design needs in minutes with your ideas.

Seriously, it will help you in every way to make social media, graphics, presentations, resumes, and even for ebooks, and more!

Follow the guide!

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5 Things to Consider Before Creating a Logo

Why is this important? Your business will get the attraction of customers to that logo design with your business. The logo can send a powerful message with alone about your business. and everything about your business is associated with that one logo image!

Your Business

Think something unique about your business, such as a thing you promote, location and building, famous areas, the architecture of your place, owner or hobbies, you may get a unique idea that you surely will love.

Color Combinations

There is a great importance of colors that you choose for your logo around your business. If you looking at this fact deeply, you can think about color psychology, is the study of colors in relation to human behavior.

Logo Color Ideas
Image by Canva

However, choosing the right color will surely help you to make your own art on your audience’s mind with about your business. So, that you must take time to choose how your logo is colored.


If can try some usual fonts you may love. But, avoid using more than two different fonts and avoid the commonly used ones to make your image look unique. However, the font is one of the main things along with your logo to get more customer’s attraction everywhere.

Your Audience

Think about the product you promoting and what is your target audience. Every kind of ting has variations different than other audiences. It may differ by their behavior on colors, environment, age, etc. when offering a product or service targeted at children, you should use a playful and fun theme.

Think Outside the Box

This is a famous fact that most of the brands using for their marketing strategies. Think about the popular mobile brand logos, all of them unique that is completely different. It’s so memorable and it always reminds us about their Phones, and PCs, etc. That’s mean you can represent some of your story or kind of message through your logo.

How to Create a Free Logo with Canva

Just ask yourself, are you ready to create your logo with understanding what’s this business all about?

Canva has great pre-made logo templates to make your design unique and memorable. Yes, those are templates, Now you may have a question about Canva.

Do you afraid that your logo is quite the same as the other one who using these templates?

Do not worry!

Canva PRO version comes with many more benefits and tools for your design purposes. It has tons of illustrations, elements, fonts, clip arts, and many more assets!

Let’s start the work!

  1. First, Click here to signup for the Canva PRO 30-Day FREE trial to unlock all premium templates and features for 30 days.
  2. Choose one of the professionally designed logo templates to create a logo with Canva.
  3. Add your brand name to your logo template.
  4. Customize your logo with your brand colors and tons of other premium illustrations and assets.
  5. Download and share your final logo!

Still afraid? Remember to bring a piece of paper and draw your ideas. It will much help you to create a logo with Canva.

If you choose an element or illustration to use in your logo, it will be easy to customize with your own brand colors, size you prefer. Or you can use your brand color codes and your own font easily.

Canva Logo Maker Editor

Once you finished your logo, you can download it as you want. You can choose the file type, size, animate options and transparent options as on your Canva PRO features.

Try to Design a Unique Logo Using Canva PRO

The Canva has become more popular day by day. It makes a huge space for non-designers to create a logo with Canva and I hope that you’ll get most of it for your designing purposes!

If you want to continue your Canva PRO plan, it will be $9.95 per month when paid annually or $12.95 for a month.

Canva has been a wonderful resource for me, and I recommend you to you sign up for the Canva Pro 30-day Free trial for a great logo.

Happy designing!

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  1. This is so helpful and beneficial. I love Canva. I am seriously obsessed with it. It is one of my favorite apps right now. I can’t believe I didn’t discover it sooner. I bought a premium membership (Canva Pro?) immediately after downloading it.

  2. I made my logo with Canva and people always ask me who did it. Love how simple it is to use and the professional looks you can create. Thanks for the tip on the colors. I had missed that but it will help a lot with my pin creation.

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