How to Check Profile Views on Instagram (The Easiest Way)

Instagram is a good inspiration for everyone who wants to share their captured moments with friends, family, and influencers to build their presence smartly. It allows you to scroll for someone else to view their moments one by one.

But, is there an option to check profile views on Instagram as a normal user?

Well, if you wanted to boom your Instagram addiction, it means you’re looking for a bunch of secret Instagram features you haven’t been using yet.

let’s get into the point!

On Instagram, normal users have no way to see who views their profile. Here’s the way you have to follow to check profile views on Instagram in 2020.

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Set Up a Professional Account on Instagram

The professional account is much more than a single Instagram account. It will give you a wide range of features and options to help you to find out how many profiles views on Instagram, post insights, following growth, how many people have saved your photos or videos and much more!

At the point, Instagram doesn’t allow users to see who views their profile as a normal Instagram user.

All you need to is, switch your Instagram account to a Creator or Business account to check profile views on Instagram.

In these days, Creating an Instagram professional account is so much important to grow your online presence and your small business.

Otherwise, if you’re running a business like an e-commerce website, a business account is a must-have one to know your audience deeply.

Create Instagram Business Account to Check Profile Views on Instagram

Thanks to Instagram, you don’t even need a real business to do it.

Here are the steps you have to follow to create your Instagram professional account that helps you to check Instagram profile views simply,

  1. Go to your profile, swipe left, and select “Switch to Professional account“.
  2. Instagram will ask you to choose the relevant option that most describing you. Choose Creator or Bussines and you will see the tools that you will give.
  3. Select your category (a blogger or shopping and rental etc.)
  4. Instagram will then ask you for an email and phone number, you can to give them or skip it without displaying it on your profile.
  5. Finally, Instagram will ask you to connect to an existing Facebook page that you own, If you don’t have one, so you can skip it.

How to Check Profile Views on Instagram

Once you’ve set up your Instagram professional account, you can able to view your all insights easily.

  1. Just swipe left on your profile and choose the insights.
  2. Move to the activity tab to see your Instagram profile views in a detailed view.
Profile Views on Instagram

However, It’s entirely not only to view your profile view. You can use these content, activity, and audience insights to grow your presence for the business.

So, the other insights enable you to find the best times for posting and which audience and the locations mostly like your content as well.

Instagram Post insights

Posts Insights have already come with the professional account that you’ve created in the above step. Every post has given options to view the insights and promote it as a paid campaign.

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Post insights will show you post likes, comments, share, and saves counts on a section under your every post. If you’re an Instagram influencer that will help you to do more with your sponsors with quick insights.

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