How to Change Default Google Account (With Multiple Accounts)

If you’re using several accounts for Google services like Gmail, Calendars, you may have a big question!

How to change default Google account?

If you already have multiple sign-ins on your desk desktop and mobile devices. Then, which one is the default account?

Luckily, it’s easy to change the default Google Account. It should only take a few minutes to be solved. Here’s how to do it.

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How to Change Default Google Account

When you log in to a Gmail or any other Google product from your web browser, it will be understanding how the default account is selected in the first place. That means Google defaults to the first account you logged in with for Gmail or Calendar.

This thing is happening every time when you logging for the first time. The Google menu at the top-right corner also suggests the default account when you use multiple sign-ins.

Here’s what Google says about default account is on their support page:

In many cases, your default account is the one you signed in with first. On mobile devices, your default account can vary depending on your device’s operating system and the apps you use.

The first step to change the default google account is signing out of whatever account you’re currently signed in Chrome.

Note: Make sure you’ve got the access/passwords for all of your accounts or try this first with another web browser.

How to Change Default Google Account (With Multiple Accounts) 1
  1. Go to and click the profile image on the top right corner of the Google home page.
  2. Sign out of all your Google accounts by clicking on “Sign out all accounts” from the menu.
  3. Now, click “Sign in” and you can sign in to your first account, the account you want to set as the default account. (The first account you log in to becomes the default Google Account always.)
  4. After you have signed in to your default Google account, you can sign in to any other Google account and you’ll be able to switch between all of your accounts.
  5. To add other accounts, select your profile image from the top-right of the Google homepage and then choose “Add another account” from the menu.

That’s it!

When you sign in to your default Google account you’ll see the default profile image displayed for that new account at the right upper corner of the Google homepage.

Tips to Manage Multiple Google Accounts

This is the way you can change your default Google account. It enables you to use two or more Google accounts and you can switch to any account anytime by clicking your profile picture from the Google service that you’re using.

However, there are a few things to remember. Maybe, you have tried to open a shared link from Google Drive and Google tells that you don’t have permission with the default account. This happens because that the link shared with you is not associated with your default Google Account.

To avoid these kinds of situations, you can follow these few more tips to manage multiple accounts easier with your default Google account.

  • Use a different profile image with each Google account so that you can find your accounts quickly.
  • Sign in to your Google accounts in your preferred order. It will make it easy to switch between the account from the list.
  • Ask your friends to share files with your default Google account.
  • If you want temporary access to a Google account other than your default, you can use a browser’s Incognito mode to sign in.

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You should remember that your default account is different from device to device, and the method described above will only apply to the device you’ve set upon.

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