What Is Rakuten? And How Does Rakuten Work?

Ebates has announced since 1998. They recently announced they’ve changed their name from Ebates to Rakuten.

Then how does Rakuten work now?

The service allows you to earn cash back on your online purchases at your favorite stores. Using Ebates, Now Rakuten, you can browse at any store, whether Amazon, eBay, Walmart, or Aliexpress (and many more).

Once you complete a purchase through Rakuten at any store, you’ll get extra cashback after your qualifying.

This site easy for use, and you can use it every time you shop to earn extra money. It is easy to do, and no need more skills to do as an online money making method.

How Does Rakuten Work?

Using Rakuten, they link you to your preferred online store to earn cashback. For example, you would like to shop on eBay. So you have to click on the eBay store icon on the Rakuten’s site. Then you’ll redirect to eBay through the Rakuten.

They call it a shopping trip and always assigning a unique shopping trip ID for every time you redirecting to online stores. They will be using it to verify your purchase with that store. Once you complete a purchase, you’ll get an extra cashback percentage from Rakuten.

How to Signup for Rakuten?

Click here to visit Rakuten to get started and it doesn’t cost anything to join and there are no additional charges per registration. For the first time, you’ll get a $10 welcome bonus for after you make the first purchase at any Store.

How to Make the First Purchase?

Once you signed up, you can see many more products and stores. You can click on any product or any store to start your first shopping trip, or you can search any store name on Rakuten’s search bar.

The cashback percentage will be changed automatically in every day/hour, and you can check it whenever you start a shopping trip. It depends on the store, product, category, what you choose to buy.

How to Make More Money with Rakuten?

  1. Get the Rakuten button: If forgotten to visit Rakuten before you purchase something, you’ll not be able to get cashback from Rakuten! However, they have a browser extension that will alert you when a site you’re shopping on is eligible or not for cashback. That will increase your earnings by adding coupon codes automatically. Also, it will make available at your Internet search results on Google or Bing to show you which merchants allow earning cashback through Rakuten. Download it from here.
  2. Get the Ebates Mobile apps: You can get it for Android, iPhone, or iPad. You can access your account on the go and also easy to get in-store coupons. Additionally, you can scan barcodes to compare product prices and check new deals to earn more extra money.
  3. In-Store CashBack: Add a credit/debit card to your account (Make sure your card accepted for online payments). When you find deals, you click “Link Offer” to connect it to the credit card of your choice, and you’re good to go. Use that credit card to make your purchase in-store and earn cash from Rakuten.
  4. Cash Back Visa Credit Card: They allow you to double your earnings when using their cash back Visa credit card. You will earn an additional 3% cashback on every purchase you make online using Ebates. Also, you can earn 1% cashback everywhere else you can use your Visa card.
  5. Refer your friends: The best and perfect way to earn more with Ebates. They gave you $25 for every friend you refer who makes a $25 purchase. Start today!

How I Get Paid?

The above facts are the main points to get a brief idea about how it is worth and how does Rakuten work. Once you earned greater than $5.00 by the end of the CashBack Posting, You can receive your Cash Back payments by Paypal or Big Fat Check Period every three months.

Rakuten Payment Schedule
Rakuten Payment Schedule

Those payment dates are February 15, May 15, August 15, and November 15. To qualify for a payout, you must have an earning balance of at least $5.01.

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