Design Wizard: Create Engaging Graphics for Social Media

Creating graphics for social media is a challenge that every creator will face. Those graphics should be high and engaging with people who follow on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc.

Every great visual on social media can grab attention and drive engagement to your business is unbreakable. Always people love to see something awesome with content that they are looking for.

The OKDork with BuzzSumo has analyzed the average number of Facebook shares of content with images and without images. They found that people would like to share posts with at least one image in the post. That’s why you should have at least one image in your post for more Facebook and social shares. Surely a great graphics can double your social media game easily.

Having at least one Graphics for Social Media.

Creating a stunning and creative graphic is not a hassle thing anymore. Even if you’re not a designer, there are so many online tools available like Design Wizard to create graphics for social media easily.

What is Design Wizard?

Design Wizard is an online graphic design software with pre-made templates and images to make it easier to create graphics for social media regardless of design skills. Surprisingly, it not only image design software. They offer features for you to design both images and videos too.

Design Wizard’s features allow you to edit/resize your designs. You can upload your fonts, photos, logos, and create custom color palettes with their templates. Also, they have a library of over one million premium images, thousands of high-quality videos, illustrations, graphics and more.

Design Wizard

Also, the free plan offers to resize image designs with premium Images/templates from $1 each, and other pricing plans have included excellent features for easy use.

Create Graphics for Social Media

Design Wizard has a range of impressive thousands of pre-made templates in a wide range of styles suitable for many more platforms. You can search and select a preferred design from their online templates library. It’s easy to search for your requirements, just searching like “Foot Ball Posts.”

Go to and hit Signup and Login to the Design wizard dashboard. There you can see pre-made designs for your easy use.

[YouTube – How to use Design Wizard]

Comparing with other tools, they have some valuable unique design templates named Stories, Videos, and other Graphics, including social media. That is the most important feature that I loved with Design Wizard. Its all in one platform to create both videos and graphics easily.

  • Stories: It’s easy to edit and create eye-catching premium videos. You can choose your footage, add your text, and tell your story more comfortable than ever before.
  • Videos: You can pick a video template and add one of their premium videos. Their easy tools are perfect for edit videos quickly.
  • Graphics: Pre-made graphics are almost unique. It’s not likely to happen to match your design with someone’s design when you post it on social media.

Publish Graphics on Social Media

It’s easy to share and publish your created graphics for social media with Design Wizard’s sharing options. You can directly share your final creation with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or Hubspot quickly. Moreover, you can get a direct link to your creation and make an embed for easy use on your website or blog.

In fact, Design Wizard is valuable for content creators, including YouTubers and Bloggers, Marketers, Students, and everyone who needs to create graphics and videos much more straightforward. Try to get a value on social media using Design Wizard!

Happy Designing!

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