Google Go App: What is it and How to Use it?

Google Go is an awesome lighter and faster version of the classic Google Search app. This app mainly has been focused on countries and people with slower internet connections. But today it will be becoming available to all Android users worldwide.

Likely other Lite apps on the market, Google Go App takes up less space on smartphones at just 7MB to works with slow internet connections. Also, Google Go app’s search results are optimized to save up to 40% data to get answers quickly.

Google Go App Features

You can install this app from Google Playstore for free and it’s fast to download and save space on your phone. Google go application now has millions of users.

Google’s lightweight search app

Easy Search: It fast and reliable to search for anything by search suggestions while you type anything. Also, you can see trending topics, able to try voice search and able to use Google Lens to find anything that you see. (How Google Lens Works)

Translate with the Camera: Tap on the Google Lens icon and point your camera on any text what you see. And quickly translate it to any language that you want. Also, Google Go App will be given another two options to listen to the text and search it on the web directly.

Everything in one app: No need to use lots of apps on your mobile anymore. You access your favorite apps and websites, as well as images, videos, and information all from Google Go App.

Images and GIFs: Easy access to share or download images and GIFs in the fastest way. No need to open your external browser to search and download. This feature really saves your time and data.

Downloads: Easy to manage your downloads through Google Go app by tapping on Download icon. Once you download anything from the search, it will allow share through any app. Also, easy to delete them from your device storage.

Google Go App: What is it and How to Use it? 1

I was personally using the Google Go App for a couple of days and it feels fast and reliable for me. Also, its search suggestions are really helpful. Comparing with other lightweight apps, Google Go App is one of big change that has Google ever made for the low-end devices.

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