Gallery Go: Easy Google Photos Alternative For Android Users

Finally, Google has released Gallery Go, Google Photos Alternative app for worldwide Android users. That’s surely a Google Photos Lite app that most users will need.

Lightweight apps are becoming more useful, such as Facebook Lite, Twitter Lite also the UBER and Spotify Lite. This Gallery Go app offering lightweight and smart options for low-end devices and it’s designed to work offline with simplified features alternative to Google Photos App.

Why Gallery Go app, Become as Google Photos Alternative?

Gallery Go is a lightweight alternative for Google Photos. It providing you offline-accessible features instead of Google Photos. Mainly it’s targeted at the low-end budget devices being used in developing countries.

It has easy to use photo editing tools, such as auto-enhance tool which will make your photos looks automatically enhanced. What does more feature Gallery Go offer?

Google Photos Alternative: Gallery Go
  • Automatic Organization: This app can automatically organize your all photos easy to view it without any hassle. It’s fast and saves your time by scroll down your gallery too much.
  • Simple Editing Tools: There is no complicated color correction, white balance, exposure or warmth editing tools. You can improve your image quality with a simple tap with auto-enhance, filters and crop rotate tools.
  • Easy to Use: As my experiences, Gallery Go App won’t slow down your phone. Because it comes with a small file size which means even more space for your own photos.
  • Dark Mode: Gallery Go has a simple option to enable the dark mode to make it more comfortable.

Missing Features in Gallery Go App

Compared to the official Google Photos app, Gallery Go has some missing features while you using it. So you won’t find manual options for things like color corrections, exposure, highlights, etc.

  • Google Lens (What is Google Lens)
  • Google Photos Assistant
  • Adding Accounts and Creating Links
  • An Archive folder
  • Chromecast integration

However, it’s just a great app for low-end devices. Most important is the fact that you can use Gallery Go App offline without the internet connection to edit and share your photos in a simplified way.

If you want to try Gallery Go for yourself, you can simply download it from the Google Play Store right now for devices running Android 8.1 (Oreo) or higher.

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