A FREE App Builder to Create Apps Without Coding

Before a few years ago, launching your own app required coding skills or enough money to hire someone skilled to make your own ideas a reality. But, can we use a free app builder to build apps without coding skills in 2021? For free?

In the last few years came up with new tools from new companies online. Which someone has an idea to create an app or even a website they can do it themself on their own PCs. That only you need a tutorial to go through.

When we are talking about the DIY app making or a free app builder, it’s simple with the online mobile app builder platforms like Appy Pie.

In this article, I would like to talk about how to create an app without coding skills if you don’t know how to code!

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What is Appy Pie Free App Builder?

Appy Pie is an online app builder allows you to create different types of mobile apps without coding skills. This platform compatible with most of the devices including iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry.

This free app builder allows you to build apps with simple drag and drop steps without having any prior experience.

When you finish building an app, you can publish it easily on all the popular app stores with Appy Pie.

So, they give you worth pricing plans that work best for individual businesses and small enterprises if you’re going to be using their all features. Also, you have a chance to monetize your apps.

How to Create an App Without Coding Skills?

Appy Pie has hundreds of features to make your idea perfect with their platform. Also, you can make your app profitable. You can do all of those things without having to write a single line of code.

Let’s Move on!

  1. First, go to the online app builder and click “Get Started“.
  2. Tell your business name, purpose and click “Next“.
  3. Now, create an account using social plugin or email to save your work.
  4. After logging, choose to “Add App Features” from the step list.
  5. Now you can customize your app by adding a logo, background and splash screen, etc.
  6. Use My Features to add more features to your app and click “Save & Continue“.
  7. Now you can preview a web version of your ongoing app or click on “My Apps” to view options to make your app alive.
  8. Now you can make your app alive by clicking on “Go Live” and choose your preferred plan to publish your app.
A FREE App Builder to Create Apps Without Coding 1A FREE App Builder to Create Apps Without Coding 2

This process is not difficult, easy to understand and every work has a prompt guide to help you. If you are stuck anywhere you can contact the Appy Pie team simply from your account. Also, you can explore the Appy Pie help center to find more tutorials according to your app creation.

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However, your features can be limited to the plan you choose. So first decide how your app needs to be built on. Such as if it needs multi-platform supported (Android, iOS, and WEB), push notifications, disk space, etc.

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I think that pricing plans are overly valuable other than when we are starting by coding. Appy Pie is perfect to handle online and suitable for a small business.

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