The Best FeedBurner Alternative for 2022 (

Oh, Feedburner? or a new Feedburner alternative?

We know we love digging a website or blog when we found valuable and interesting content.

As a website owner or publisher, you have to provide your content more effectively to achieve that goal.

When someone is addicted to reading your content and they can use one of the simple RSS readers to get your new content on their hands.

Well, If you’re a new blogger or a website owner you might not be familiar with this thing. But you can grab a new loyal audience by managing a feed for your website.

And, Yes! there’s is a new way to power up your feed in 2022.

Let’s go through it step-by-step!

What is an RSS Feed?

RSS standards for Really Simple Syndication. This is a computer-readable web feed format that allows people to receive updates from news websites and blogs.

So, people need to subscribe to these RSS feeds to receive updates. And the website owners should provide this environment more user-friendly to lets users get subscribed.

What is an RSS Feed

The big advantage when using RSS is that website owners and bloggers can get more visitors back to their site. More than that, readers also can save a lot of time by bringing their all favorite content to one place!

To do this, website owners need to set up a feed management system.

There is a bunch of feed management tools that help publishers to create and manage feeds. And one of the popular ones is Google’s Feedburner.

But, Feedburner really has some pros and cons. However, there are several reasons why bloggers have turned away from FeedBurner.

However, if you’re looking for a new and featured full FeedBurner alternative to providing your updates to your loyal readers, there is an easy tool.

So, what is the best FeedBurner alternative for 2022?

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Best FeedBurner Alternative for 2022

I already mentioned that there is a bunch of alternatives out there. All of them are useful.

Surprisingly, the free tool is called offers you powerful features to power up your feed in different ways. The best part is it is not limited to just subscribing to an RSS feed.

Click here to head over to and hit the sign up button

Feedburner Alternative 2022

When you visit any feed and click on “Follow”, you’ll see so many feed subscribing options and filters.

Best FeedBurner Alternative Follow Filters for

It will let you can have a meaningful audience by giving them more customizable options to subscribe to your website or blog feed.

Readers also can simply choose what they want to hear from you.

When a reader adds filters, they can decide how they want to receive new updates from you.

Put it simply, you’re not going to choose the content for them, they choose!


Furthermore, the most effective ways are coming soon with future updates. Otherwise, your readers can see your feed updates anytime by visiting to

Grow Your Target Audience

Publishers can create widgets in highly customizable ways to grow their website audience. That’s as easy as you want.

The Widget or form design page allows you to create forms with your website’s colors and to feel the same look like your website.


Once you have done your design, you can out its embed code to your website and your readers can subscribe to your feed by using it.

In addition, you can use to create beautiful popups entirely for free. This will maximize your chances to get as many followers as possible.

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Final Thoughts

In fact, this is an effective way and most of the new bloggers don’t care about that. But, it’s important to have a retention tool like!

Currently, This tool is free to use on its basic plan, no matter how many followers you have.

However, they have several paid plans with some advanced features. You can be looking at their pricing plans to decide which plan best suits you.

If you want to get started by importing your existing Feedburner followers to, simply read this documentation.

That’s it!

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