Elementor Review: The Best WordPress Page Builder in 2022

Interested in building an eye-catchy blog or website using WordPress?

If yes, then you can’t forget the Elementor page builder.

Elementor is one of the most popular WordPress page builders on the market. Even better, you don’t need to get tech wizards to design your own web pages and it’s totally free to get started!

In this Elementor review, I’m going to show you how to use Elementor step-by-step to build your own website yourself without struggling with techy things!

Let’s get into the review!

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What is Elementor?

Elementor is a popular free page builder that works with WordPress themes, allows you to design every visual look and layout of your website’s pages and posts without coding.

The best part is you can add more functionality through its visual drag-and-drop interface and you no need to worry about coding skills or tech experience.

Elementor has both free and paid versions and there are some definite advantages of the paid version.

If you need more customization options to build your website, you have to upgrade your Elementor free version to Elementor Pro.

Installing Elementor Page Builder

Are you ready to get started with installing Elementor in WordPress?

Once you’ve installed a preferred theme on your WordPress site, you’re good to go with installing the Elementor page builder.

Click here to go to the Elementor website and hit the green “Get Started” button

Elementor Review

Simply enter your website URL there and then it will prompt the plugin install page to install Elementor on your WordPress site.

Or, you can simply navigate to your WordPress dashboard plugins section and search for “Elementor” to find the plugin.

When you found it, click “install” and don’t forget to click “Active” to use Elementor properly on your WordPress site.

That’s all!

Once you’ve successfully installed and activated the plugin, you’ll see a simple welcome page for the Elementor plugin.

Now it’s time to build your first website page!

Using Elementor Page Builder

Now you can start using the Elementor page builder to customize your WordPress website for free.

On your WordPress dashboard, Go to Pages > Add new and give a name for your first Elementor page. Once you did, click “Edit with Elementor” to start using Elementor.

Create a New WordPress Page

It may take a few seconds to load your page builder and then you’ll see an empty page with your site’s header and footer.

You can use the right side toolbar to add new widgets with text, images, and videos with customizing options to build your first page.

I know this is something difficult to understand for the first time. To make everything much easier you can use Elementor’s in-depth articles, resources, and video tutorials from scratch!

Elementor Review: The Best WordPress Page Builder in 2022 1

When you are familiar with those tools you can do some live customizations on your site page. However, you’ll be noticed that some of the widgets are not accessible under the free Elementor version.

For example, if you are designing a new home page for your website or blog, you can’t add your blog post list to your homepage because you’re using Elementor as a free user.

Elementor PRO Page Builder

To use all of the PRO widgets, you’ve to go with one of the Elementor PRO subscription plans starting at $49.

Elementor Free vs. Elementor Pro

If you want a free page builder to build simple and beautiful pages for your website, then the Elementor free version is a great choice!

Likewise, if you want to create a great website with more control over the appearance and functionality with motion effects, advanced widgets, global elements, theme building, and popup options​, Elementor Pro has enchanting features.

So, if you’re thinking to go with one of the paid versions of Elementor Pro to get started, you should note that there are three paid plans that offer the exact same features depending on how you using it for!

Personal plan, you can get Elementor Pro for one website for $49 per year. (Best value for Beginners)

Plus plan, you can get Elementor Pro on 3 websites for $99 per year.

Expert plan, you can get Elementor Pro for a large number of 1,000 sites for $199 per year.

Elementor Page Builder Pricing

Should you go with Elementor PRO? As I mentioned before, If you want just a free page builder for WordPress, Elementor free version is perfect.

However, if you’re thinking to customize every part of your website or blog over your theme without coding as an individual, the Personal plan is definitely the best value.

Additionally, you can upgrade your personal plan to the plus plan later if you decide to use Elementor PRO on more websites.

Publishing Your First Page

Once you’ve finished creating your page you can use the “PC icon” at the bottom of the toolbar to view your page from different kinds of sizes to make sure that the page is responsive for every device.

Elementor Review: The Best WordPress Page Builder in 2022 2

If you wish to publish your page on the internet simply click the green “Publish” button.

Otherwise, if you want to set your page as your homepage, Go to WordPress Settings > Reading Settings and choose your page by selecting “a static page” from settings.

Elementor Review: The Best WordPress Page Builder in 2022 3

Likewise, if you didn’t make any changes to your blog posts page, you can find your blog posts at yourname.com/blog with your theme default’s layout.


Elementor is really easy to use in WordPress and its PRO version brings you massive customization options so you can even create your own theme and popup and more.

The main benefit is you can save more money without paying purchasing other WordPress plugins one by one for customizations.

On the other hand, if you’re going to use WooCommerce to sell products on your website Elementor PRO will help you to design your entire site in a visual way.

To see all of the Elementor features, explore the features page of Elementor to ensure that it’s perfect for your website.

Moreover, don’t forget to follow Elementor tutorials to make your web pages even better!

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So, how is your experience with Elementor? Feel free to share your thought and experience below in the comments section to help beginners like you!

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