How to Download All Photos from Google Photos

Most people addicted to taking photos daily. Surprisingly, Google Photos allows you to save all your pictures automatically with unlimited free storage. However, If you need to have it on your local storage, such as your PC or portable drive, You can download all photos from Google Photos anytime at once.

Thanks to Google, they offer quick and easiest steps to take out your Google photos simply from their unlimited storage. Which is most important if you decide to close or move your photos to another Google account.

Whatever is your reason, It’s simple to proceed. Here’s how,

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Download All Photos from Google Photos

You can download all the photos and videos from your Google Photos gallery at once. And it will start processing at the same time. To do this, there is a Google feature, Google Takeout to get your exports.

  1. First, open Google Takeout by navigating to from your web browser.
  2. You’ll see a long list of different Google services, deselect ALL and scroll to find Google Photos and select it individually.
  3. Scroll down and click on the Next step.
  4. Choose your export to deliver method by choosing “send the download link via email“, dropbox or Google Drive, etc.
  5. Select your file type and size. (.zip or .tgz)
  6. Click on “Create Export“.

Once you hit to create an export button, the process will begin and you’ll be notified if it takes hours or days by depending on the size.

Download All Photos from Google Photos

Once it’s completed you’ll see an option to download the files in a single click. It will happen with the delivery method you have selected from the above options.

If you want to download all your photos from an Android or iOS device, you can follow the same steps above. it’s pretty easier than you think!

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