How to Create a Chatbot for Facebook Messenger

‌Creating a chatbot for Facebook messenger is a smart idea nowadays.

A Facebook Messenger chatbot can deliver automated chat to your Facebook community and convert them into real customers fast.

Inevitably, a chatbot for Facebook messenger can help you to increase your customer satisfaction quickly and automatically through Facebook.

If you’re never familiar with a messenger chatbot, a Chatbot is a cool computer program inside the Facebook Messenger. It helps you to deploy and automate to improve engagement without human hands.

It’s easy to make a chatbot your own using platforms like MobileMonkey. You’ll never need computer programming knowledge and it’s also totally for non-techies.

What is MobileMonkey?

MobileMonkey is a Facebook Messenger marketing platform founded by Larry Kim. That makes Facebook marketing fun, easy, and effective.

MobileMonkey can help you to grow your audience through facebook in productive ways. Such as empowering with drag and drop bot builder, advertising, and marketing automation. chatbot for facebook messenger

For example, You’re a cake designer. People have come to your facebook page to ask for orders. If there are ten customers connected with your facebook page at the same time, the bot can handle all of them perfectly by giving your information correctly.

Chatbot for Facebook Messenger

MobileMonkey has good pricing plans, including a Free plan to startup your Facebook marketing journey. Those plans are precious, and you can able to get your target results yourself.

This process is relatively simple. Everything has a guide to understanding quickly on MobileMonkey. So, here are five easy steps to publish your chatbot for facebook messenger stress-free.

1. Sign up on MobileMonkey

Visit MobileMonkey and sign up by clicking on “Get MobileMonkey Free“. It will redirect you to the signup section. In there, you have to connect the Facebook account that has your facebook page already connected.

Move up to up to the next steps and start creating your chatbot for facebook messenger by connecting to your Facebook page. That will automatically build a connection with MobileMonkey.

2. Access Your Dashboard

Once you signed up, you’ll see the catchy dashboards that describe everything clearly. To build your bot, click on “Bot Builder” to go. Either you can choose a template related to your business from the “Templates” section.

MobileMonkey Dashboard

In bot builder, you can see there two options,

  • Dialogues: You can create conversations, questions between your media and forms gifs, and more. That is the part, how your customer has to route through your chatbot as a flow.
  • Q&A: This section is used to build responses to your customer questions immediately ask. It’s the AI part of your chatbot. If anyone says Good Morning, you can train your bot to respond to them too.

3. Build Dialogues to Chatbot

After you came to the “Dialogue” section in the bot builder, you can see the conversation builder. Here you have to understand a few things. Dialogues are the responses in your bot’s flow. And you can able to connect those dialogues one by one giving answers to the customers.

MobileMonkey Build Dialogues

In my example, I’m using a simple dialogue to welcome my user and ask him to navigate to my blog. The user can click on “Visit Blog” to see my blog. That is so simple.

If you wish to make your bot advanced, you can create more dialogue using the folders, and you can connect them one by one as a flow. I recommend you start making your bot by drawing a simple flow chart on paper.

4. Use Q&A to Setup Triggers

It’s easy to do. If a user says something similar to yo specific word, you can set a particular answer to reply with the bot. If customers ask, “What is your mobile number?” the bot can immediately reply with your mobile number. It’s just a little example.

Use Q&A to Setup Triggers

5. Test Your Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Now It’s time to test your basic bot. Go to bot builder > Dialogues and click on the “test dialogue” button. It will automatically open with your messenger in a new browser tab, and you can test your bot there.

In my case, it looks like this,

Test Your Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Start Advertising

If you’re already running Facebook ads on your page, it’s just an ad. But if you start facebook advertising using MobileMonkey, the chatbot can convert your ad audience into MobileMonkey contacts with Click-to-Messenger Ads. It will help you to send your targeted promotional content to your whole chatbot contact list with the Promo Blaster.

Go to your MobileMonkey dashboard and click on the “Advertising” Section to get started. See how it’s really up to you.

Setup Marketing Automation

MobileMonkey can keep your audience engaged by automating your whole process. The chat blaster helps you to send the same message to the entire audience at once. It helps to use likely if you’ve got a new store etc. But make sure to follow, Facebook Messenger Marketing Policies as well.

Moreover, If you had content you published somewhere, surely you can import them via RSS updates, and MobileMonkey can send updates to your contacts whenever you created a new post.

Setup Marketing Automation

That feature is perfect if you’re running a blog to generate targeted traffic. Also, you can use Zapier to integrate MobileMonkey with other applications like MailChimp, Google Sheets, Gmail, WordPress, Shopify, and more.

Use Lead Magnets to Power Your Ads

MobileMonkey has incredible features never to lose your valuable customer on your Facebook page. Also, you can create an awesome landing page for the chatbot and able to add a messenger widget button to your website. Go to the MobileMonkey dashboard and navigate to the “Lead Magnets” section.

Use Lead Magnets to Power Your Ads

Do More With Your Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Thanks to Larry Kim, Facebook Messenger Marketing with Chatbots are made easy. Chatbot making is not a considerable process anymore. MobileMonkey makes it fun and easy. Just take time and start building your own Facebook messenger bot. Just upgrade to free to the pro plan.

If you don’t have any idea about starting making a chatbot, don’t worry; MobileMonkey has already helped you by offering great tutorials. Visit MobileMonkey Help and start your chatbot game!

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