The Ultimate List of Blogging Statistics (Updated for 2024)

Are you looking for the most current blogging statistics to see if it’s really worth the effort and time?

Blogging provides an outlet for personal expression and a way for people to share their thoughts and ideas with the world. It can also be a valuable tool for businesses, helping them build customer and client relationships.

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And, here’s the truth: in order to succeed, you need to understand the changing landscape of blogging and adapt accordingly.

So, I’ve compiled a list of the latest blogging statistics for 2024.

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Latest Blogging Statistics for 2024

Whether you are just starting a blog or are looking to improve your content strategy, this article has statistics that’ll give you a clear picture of the state of blogging.

General Blogging Statistics

You want to know the state of blogging so you can make sure your blog is still relevant. Check out these statistics.

  1. There are over 600 million blogs on the internet out of the 1.7 billion websites (Growth Badger).
  2. 77% of internet users prefer reading blogs (TechJury).
  3. 48% of companies with a content marketing strategy leverage blogging. (HubSpot)
  4. On average, more than 6 million posts go live every day (Webtribunal).
  5. 80% of bloggers report that blogging drives results (Orbit Media).
  6. Roughly, 70 million new posts are published on WordPress each month (WordPress).
  7. WordPress posts receive an average of 77 million new comments per month (WordPress).
  8. Companies with blogs generate around 67% more leads per month than companies that don’t blog (Hubspot).
  9. 46% of people look for recommendations from bloggers and vloggers (Semrush).
80% of bloggers report that blogging drives results

Blogging Income Statistics

The amount of money that can be made from blogging varies depending on the type of blog, the number of readers, and the amount of advertising or other income opportunities available. Check out these statistics.

  1. 33% of bloggers make no money (TechJury).
  2. Bloggers generally receive most of their income from ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored product reviews, online courses, and selling their own products (RankIQ).
  3. The average monthly salary of a blogger is $8,000 per month (Semrush).
  4. Around 25% of WordPress bloggers earn a full-time living from their blogs (Semrush).
  5. 72% of bloggers that make $2,000 per month usually use either Mediavine or Adthrive as their service management company (RankIQ).

Blogging SEO Statistics

You know the importance of SEO. You also know the frustration of staying on top of your SEO game. Here are some statistics you should know.

  1. 71% of bloggers find that search engine optimization is the most important source of traffic (Orbit Media).
  2. Bloggers who earn over $50,000 per year tend to engage heavily in SEO (Growth Badger).
  3. Blogs provide websites with 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links (Hubspot).
  4. An average Top 10 ranking page on the search engine is nearly 2+ years old. (Ahref)
  5. Up to 80% of users of search engine users only pay attention to organic results (MarTech).
  6. 75% of users mostly don’t scroll past the first page results (Hubspot).
71% of bloggers find that search engine optimization is the most important source of traffic

Blogging Frequency, Length, and Time Statistics

Bloggers are always looking for ways to improve their blogs and make them more successful. One way to do this is by looking at statistics about blog length, frequency, and time.

  1. 73% of people say that they skim posts, whereas 27% read posts thoroughly (HubSpot).
  2. Bloggers who publish daily get 57% better results than bloggers who publish multiple times a week (Semrush).
  3. Blogs that earn over $50,000 per year say that their most-visited blog articles are 2,424 words long. That’s 83% longer than those of low-income bloggers (Semrush).
  4. Bloggers with a regular writing process spend an average of over 4 hours writing a post (Orbit Media).
  5. 55% of visitors only read articles for 15 seconds or less. (Buffer)
Bloggers who publish daily get 57% better results

Blogging Social Media Statistics

If you’re not using social media or blogging to promote your business, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Here are some interesting social media and blogging statistics that will help you understand why they’re so important.

  1. 97% of bloggers are using social media to boost their engagement (TechJury).
  2. 1.3% of articles get 75% of social shares (Backlinko).
  3. 14-17 word headlines get 76.7% more social shares than short headlines (Backlinko).
  4. List-based posts get an average of 218% more shares than “how-to” posts (Backlinko).

Guest Blogging Statistics

In order to get the most out of guest blogging, you need to make sure that you’re targeting the right blogs and that your content is high quality.

  1. 60% of bloggers write 1 to 5 guest posts per month (ReferralRock).
  2. Guest blogging allows you to increase the number of leads you get by about 3X. (Adsy)
  3. 37% of guest bloggers are company staff members. (ReferralRock)
  4. Guest blogging results in an 80% boost in organic and referral traffic. (Adsy)
60% of bloggers write 1 to 5 guest posts per month

Final Thoughts

Thanks to advances in technology, blogging has become even more accessible than ever before, allowing people of all ages and backgrounds the chance to create content that resonates with readers.

By creating high-quality content, you can attract more customers and grow your brand. If you’re ready to get started, these guides can help you get started:

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Blogging Statistics
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