Quik App – The Best Video Editing App for Instagram

The Quik app is a free photography and video editing app provided by GoPro. This app specially designed to edit GoPro footages easily, But this Quik app is one of the best video editing app for Instagram videos as well. It’s simple, fun and fast way to create your own story just in simple steps.

This app has really cool features and themes to make videos awesome with your Go-Pro and mobile. The app is totally FREE, Simple and no ads. You can choose a theme and customize your story with text, music and easily share it with friends.

How to Get Quik App?

Quik is totally free with 957,000+ downloaded users and there is no other additional purchase fee. If you want to know about Go-Pro compatibility, you can find out more info from the app description.

If you’re using an Android device just visit Google Play store and search for Quick.

iOS users can download it by the Apps Store.

How to Use the Quik App?

  1. Open the app and tap on “Create a New Video“.
  2. Tap “Allow accessing media on your device when prompted the permission request.
  3. Select your good photos and videos to make your own story.
  4. Add a Title Intro. (You can change it later.)
  5. The app will take some seconds and will show your store with the default theme or choose your favorite theme from the list.

How to Use Tools and Features?

Tools: Tap on the adjust icon on the right bottom to use tools like duration, video size (Square, Portrait, Cinema), fonts etc. Also, you can add filters to your video easily by previewing the video.

Adding Music: Tap on Music icon on the bottom middle to select music for your video, or select no music. Also, you can add music from your device storage.

Video Resolution: Go back to the app’s main screen and tap the Gear icon on top right. Here you can choose the 1080p for best quality.

How to Export a Video?

You can export a video with different ways, Just tap on the blue Download icon on the main screen to export a video. Click “save without sharing” to save the final video to your device.

If you want to share your video, choose to send the file or generate a link to send it to your friends. Additionally, you can share to Instagram stories as well.

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