6 Best Instagram Tools That Will Help to Grow Your Followers

Instagram and all the other social media platforms are the most potent and fast communication sources, perform than mass media. Considering how fast the platform is changing, there’s no one can telling what might happen next.

At this point, Instagram is one of the social media platforms owned by Facebook. So, If you want to grow on Instagram as a brand, you can build it more effectively by choosing the right Instagram tools at the right time.

When we’re looking to social media marketing, building a large audience is the dream of most Instagram users like new brands, marketers, and influencers, etc. In 2020, It’s not easy than ever before if you not use the right tools targeting the right audience.

In this list, I’ve come up with 6 Instagram growth tools to help increase your Instagram following in 2020 to make an influential audience around your brand!

Let’s get into list!

1. Buffer (Instagram Publishing and Scheduling)

The Buffer is one of free social media scheduling tools and it allows you to manage multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with publishing and able to schedule upcoming posts along with analytics.

buffer: Best Instagram Marketing Tools

This Instagram content scheduler, Buffer is simple to use on your mobile, tablet, or your pc. So, you no need to worry about when you go somewhere. It’s easy to schedule your Instagram stories, posts and you’re good to go!

You can add three social accounts on your free Buffer account and open for up to 10 scheduled posts. If you want more options, you can upgrade your account for their Pro plan for $15/month.

2. Later (Another Scheduling)

Later is another free Instagram planned scheduler tool worked as a feed planner. You can preview your feed before you post to Instagram with drag and drop features. Also Later allows you to sync photos and videos from your phone, desktop, Google Drive, or Dropbox in minutes.

Later: Best Instagram Marketing Tools

They are offering plans for an Individuals free forever that lets you schedule up to only 30 photos for one social profile per month. Or you can choose paid plans from $9/month.

Meanwhile, they offer Pro plans for businesses starting from $19/month with advanced features, perfect for Instagram marketing influencers.

3. Linktree (Single Bio Link)

Linktree is a free tool for optimizing your Instagram traffic to your blog or other social media platforms. With this link tool, you can able to add any multiple clickable links and create a mobile-optimized landing page.

Linktree: Best Instagram Marketing Tools

That can help you to drive and optimize traffic through your all social media and blog with the Instagram account bio. Also, you can get analytics to track the traffic that Instagram is sending back to other links.

This tool is free to add unlimited links and you can choose Linktree Pro plans from $6/month to access more customized options.

4. Shorby (Another Single Bio Link)

Shorby is another tool that helps you get more out of your Instagram bio link. Best for Linktree alternatives. Mainly it has features like email, messenger links, custom links, and customized theme options. So you can add links to your website, shop, specific blog posts, or anything you just wanted to promote.

Shorby: Best Instagram Marketing Tools

Overly it is free to use and pro plans start at $9/month with features such as team members and Google Analytics integration.

5. Iconosquare (Deep Analytics)

Iconosquare is the best platform to get insights about the Instagram account and allows you to manage your Instagram activity. If you are using Instagram for your blog or business, Iconosquare gives you deep analytics into your account to powerup your Instagram marketing strategy.

Iconosquare Marketing Tool

This platform can show you the location, follower growth, daily followers, unfollows, and much more with informative graphs.

You can get started with 14 days trial and you can choose plans from $29/mo Billed annually to $990/year for the corporate packages.

6. Hashtagify (Hashtag Marketing)

Hashtagify allows you to identify top hashtags through Twitter and Instagram. You can pick the best ones for your needs based on popularity, relationships, languages, influencers, and much more.


You can search about your niche, and you’ll get presented with a tag cloud, and each hashtag is clickable, letting you can go deeper into your niche to gather popular tags.

Hashtagify presents you the table how hashtags are popular with between your search, and their weekly and monthly trend. Then you can choose the best hashtags for best performance. You can choose pro plans with tracking features from $19/month with add ons.

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Using Best Marketing Tools Grow Your Followers

You can use Instagram with these Instagram marketing tools to becoming more popular than many other social media platforms. Mainly try Iconosquare for your Instagram analytic needs and use the Hashtagify to grab more followers.

When you are getting started, you can choose free plans for testing purposes and after you can choose what you want to do with the Pro plans of these tools.

Do you know more Instagram tools that help you to grow Instagram followers? Let me know your experiences in the comments below!

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